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Apple Introduces Multi-Touch ‘Magic Mouse’

Apple Introduces Multi-Touch ‘Magic Mouse’


By Chris Scott Barr

Remember that cool video I showed you not long ago from Microsoft? I’m referring to the one that showcased all of their ideas for a multi-touch mouse. Well in a completely unsurprising move, Apple has released their own such mouse, dubbed the Magic Mouse.

This new mouse is the first to incorporate multi-touch technology. It uses only a single button, much like every other mouse Apple has released. However, the surface of the mouse tracks exactly where your fingers are, and issues commands based on that. For instance, clicking on the right side will result in a right-click. You can also use some gestures (much like the trackpads on newer MacBooks), though they are limited to scrolling, zooming and navigation back-and-forth through web pages.


Apple hasn’t always delivered the best mice, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find that this one isn’t quite up to snuff. However, I’m curious to try one out myself. You’ll find these being sold along with the new iMacs, or you can purchase it separately for $69.

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