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Win an HP Envy 15 Notebook!

Win an HP Envy 15 Notebook!

HP Envy15 - rear leaft facing on white

By David Ponce

Yeah, you read that right. Christmas is early here at OhGizmo! and for one lucky reader it’ll really pay to read us. HP has kindly decided to giveaway one of their new Envy 15 notebooks and we’re going to make it really easy to win.

But first off, a little about this notebook.

· This is HP’s fastest consumer notebook and the world’s thinnest, lightest quad-core notebook PC.

· It offers maximum speed and mobility with the upcoming Intel® Core™ i7 Processor and up to 16GB of DDR3 1066 MHz system memory with four SODIMM memory slots.

· Versatile storage options include the ability to add two solid-state drives in a RAID-0 configuration to improve the overall speed of the ENVY 15 while providing ultimate disk performance.

· A choice of two 15.6” HP Brightview high-resolution LED backlit displays, including the Full High Definition LED HP Ultra BrightView Widescreen Display with up to 300 nit, provides the best display experience for a notebook in this class.

We aren’t sure about the final configuration on this one, but guys, it’s free so let’s not get picky.

So how do you win? Easy. Our regular readers might have noticed we’re making a push to get a community and commenting going on the site. With the amount of readers we have, we should have a lot more than we do. So this giveaway is another one along those lines. Simply leave a comment on this article telling us why you’d like to win this. And that’s it. Sadly, it’s US only, but we’re working on another giveaway that will be open to the world, so stick around, world. We’ll pick a winner by the 22nd, this week, and yes it’ll be randomly chosen. One entry per reader, and yes we’ll be checking to make sure. Finally, don’t fret if your comment doesn’t appear immediately, it’s just caught in moderation and will be released shortly.

Good luck!

[ More Details On The Envy 15 ]

  • smexycan

    i would like to win because my laptop just broke.

  • charliehorse43

    Why would I want to win this. Why not. It is good to win.

  • dcmouser

    i would love to be able to publicly give this laptop away to one of the generous coders who hang out at who spend their free time writing programs for people on who couldn't afford to buy this for themself.

  • Jessicat

    I have always loved HP. My first computer I bought was an HP, lasted me 4 years. I loved that beast. Carried me through Junior High. I had a dell laptop and it overheated way to quickly. I haven't touched that ball of fire in forever. It was a graduation from high school present.

    This would be a great Christmas gift. When I'm not at my house, like visiting the parents and other adventures of the outdoors. I feel a pain in the heart when I know I can not check on the latest posts of OhGizmo and my other techie sites. I go through withdrawal and it isn't pretty.

  • Phlow

    I should win because my laptop is broken and I've been trying for years to win something from OhGizmo, way back to when I submitted my Mao Zedong watch for the weird watch contest, and I'm confident now is my time!

  • Terry Dwyer

    I would like to win to replace my Dell with 256K running only “portable apps”

  • chadrockey

    I would like to put this computer into the mobile autonomous robot I'm working on for school. We need a powerful computer to crunch all of the mapping and planning data.

  • James Lim

    I let my parents borrow my laptop for a few months and now the thing doesn't turn on at all… 🙁 Not that my reason helps because you're choosing at random, but maybe this early Christmas will have a few less bah-humbugs.

  • chilepepper

    Come Mr. Tally man, tally me banana (and put in me in the drawing for this laptop).

  • fulltext

    I'd like to win this so I can get out of the house. I'm chained to my desktop pc. There are two public parks with wifi nearby if only I had a laptop to enjoy the fresh air.

  • Brian Lawrence

    I accidentally ran over mine with the work van. At first inspection I thought it had survived. Then I powered it up. The screen came alive with a mosaic artistic look. My work gave me a temporary tablet pc. It for whatever reason will not calibrate with a left handed user. So put my name in the hat for wining this new laptop!

  • blackhand

    Free? I'm in…feel free to add any other goodies if my post is chosen…with four boys in the house, it's impossible to maintain strict ownership of a machine. An extra one is just what we need…then I'll have no excuse to get all that extra work done I guess!

  • hellbound42101

    because I cant win for losing….

  • chadmd23

    I've been waiting to get rid of my macbook for a shiny new win7 notebook. Wouldn't this be a perfect time?

  • Anonymous

    My dog ate my laptop. Seriously…..

  • Anonymous

    duplicate..please erase this…..

  • kilroyhiggins

    I would like to win this laptop since I'm in university and my other Acer Timeline died and I've got no mobility.

  • facebook-19701276

    I would like to win this so I can put a huge custom made sticker on the cover so everyone can see it while I'm using it. “! What's that?” They'll say, looking at my amazing sticker. And I'll say, “oh…Just the coolest website ever!”

    Plus, they do call it Envy for a reason

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to win because my laptop’s battery has died. I can’t use it anymore without an outlet and would be ecstatic to have the envy replace my laptop!

  • uhm well, u kno

    a free top of the line laptop would be a nice christmas present…especially for a recently separated veteran turned starving college student

  • Pooster

    I'd like to win because my laptop's battery has died. I can't use it anymore without an outlet and would be ecstatic to have the envy replace my laptop!

  • mido gonzales

    i would like to get this laptop because my 2year old hp got fried and it would be cool to win this because im planning to get one and will save me $!

  • rev_g33k

    My wife needs this laptop to play World of Warcraft with me.

  • mido gonzales

    i would like to win this laptop because mine got fried and i need one so bad.

  • thach1130

    Because i would love to replace my 5 years old laptop.

  • tybert7

    I'd like to win because I could use a more powerful mobile computer. I have an hp netbook now, and while it works well, I definitely crave more power. As a side bonus, I work as an HP rep at Best Buy on the weekend at a high volume store. So I'll be selling these each week. What better way to get first hand experience with the awesomeness of this machine than to win one! It'll help me convert!

  • goattuber

    I would like to win this so I could give it to my roommate. His motherboard crapped out recently, so I've been sharing my computer with him until he gets a new one. I'd like to have my rig back all to myself, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind having this laptop for a replacement.

  • murrayw76

    I've been looking for a new laptop…pick me! 🙂

  • YupYup

    I just started grad school this September and I'm pretty much broke. That doesn't change the fact that I need a powerful laptop to handle my work. I would absolutely love to have this thing.

  • nenriel

    I opted for a Macbook last time I bought a computer, and while I'm happy with it, it'd be nice to have a PC, especially an HP. My first computer was an HP Pavilion way back in 1995. Those were the days…

  • Chris Campbell

    long time reader first time poster, I ready ohgizmo everyday except the weekends well cause no one updates on the weekends and i have always refered my friends to this site for fun reading. I love HP products and am in need of a new laptop mine is getting a little grey and blad not to mention the sagging skin if you know what i mean lol anyway it would be a great christmas present thanks again and as always keep up the good work with all the new gizmos

  • Raj_Singh

    Why i'd like to win this laptop? Because things are tough. Business has been bad for my family, along with so many other things.

    I have 2 jobs, and go to University and i still can't seem to buy a notebook i like. Every time i get the money, something comes up and i have to end up paying bills and paying for other expenses. This would be the greatest Christmas present someone could ever give me. Recently my family has hit some hard times. We were doing so well before and because of the horrible economy. anything else that i make that is not bill related i have to end up giving to my parents. I don't stress over that though, my parents brought me into this world and i will do anything to make them happy. Sometimes someone can get happiness just from making others happy and i know that i am accomplishing this.

    Don't feel bad though, i am sure there are many people out there who should win this laptop but this why i feel i would like to take a shot to win, maybe some magic for Christmas.

  • Mortal_Light

    I'd like to win this for my dad, who severely needs a new computer.

  • Anonymous

    I have been waiting for this laptop for almost 2 month. I want to win!.

  • Anonymous

    This would be a nice machine to compare to a MacBook Pro and a good lightweight Notebook for everyday use on the road if I Win

  • jackthompson

    I'd like to win because my mother poured a full glass of water into the keyboard of my 12″ powerbook and I figure a newer, faster, altogether sluttier machine that I would never dream of on the bus back home to visit my family at Christmas would help me get over the loss of the old, familiar, reliable one that I made the mistake of introducing to my mom.


  • genefong

    I would love to win this to compare with a Macbook Pro and as a lightweight everyday use kinda of notebook

  • Guest
  • Johnal

    I've never owned a laptop before, but I take good care of all my electronics! If I win this laptop I promise to take good care of it, spend time with it, and even clean up after it! Pleeease…let it follow me home!!!

  • sycophantom

    I'd like to win the laptop because I'm off to college next year, and there's no way I can realistically lug around my 3-year old, sub-$400 Toshiba Satellite. My dad recently lost his job – and my sister is off at UCLA (out of state), so funds are a little tight.

  • Zach de Graaff

    Why would i like to win this you ask. Did Michelangelo use any regular paintbrush? well i dont know the answer but im sure he used the best available. Right now im using an old desktop that was not meant for personal use, it was a used machine that hospitals used to run tests. It still has no CD drive. only a floppy drive and a ZIP drive. Have you ever tried syncing 1000 songs to an ipod through a USB 1.1 connection? no quick feat. If i won this laptop, well, it would be the bees knees OhGizmo!

  • acetheI

    I hate these competitions. The no 1 reason is not because I can never win, since I'm outside the US, it's because it's so embarrasing to see the pathetic attempts at sucking up by the other readers.

    OhGizmo! is removed from my RSS feed after a long long time. So long.

  • gnonato

    i want to win this laptop because i don't have a computer at all! my friend broke my laptop on my birthday in may, so i can only use my moms' crappy old desktop in her room. =/ i still haven't saved up for a new one ever since!

  • helpinghands

    Awesome! Keep the freebies coming! Thank you!

  • facebook-582602691

    I've been wanting to invest in technology for my daughters and the family budget is tight. Having them share the new HP would be fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    I would very much like to win this laptop – its sleek design will compliment the ultra-modern look I intend to have in my apartment, just as soon as I get around to decorating…

  • paulcostantini

    Could use one….Nice

  • sampleinajar

    I would like to win this because I need a laptop. They are not cheap so wining would make more fiscal sense than paying for one.

  • kstambaugh

    I've decided its time to switch back from the mac – need a killer windows machine!

  • timetherington

    The only laptop I have belongs to work. I'm looking for another job which could leave me laptopless!

  • Joe

    I would really like this laptop to replace a 7 year old desktop.

  • erikbryan

    I want to win to see if it can be hackintoshed.

  • jumborgace

    This would be great for my wife. The economy being what it is I can't really afford to get her all the things that she deserves and if I were able to present her with a new laptop for Christmast(or Veterains Day or next Tuesday) she would be overjoyed. It would give her a lot more freedom on where she can work on her research paper for school.


  • HpEnvy15

    I would like to win the Hp Envy 15 laptop because it would be great to have the looks and fashion of a premium notebook, the portability of a netbook, and the power of a gaming computer.

  • Anonymous

    I need the notebook for class

  • rpatrick2282

    I would like to win this because i currently dont have a laptop but need one badly

  • Anonymous

    In the time of this economic disaster, it would be a pleasure and a relief to actually receive something for free, no matter what it is. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

  • Vadym Zakrevskyy

    I must have it! My plans of world domination depend on it!

  • Ben

    because my hp laptop from a few years ago is rapidly aging.

    plus, i spilled diet mountain dew on it so the “g” and “h” key don't really work very well…

  • Muted Dragon

    I want to win the HP Envy 15 to compare it to my Samsung NC10.

  • devluther

    I've always stuck with HP – been loyal to the brand
    @ home I've got the DC7800 Business Micro Tower + a 3500c scanjet + a 5550 deskjet printer + a DV1000 laptop

    I would never be able to afford to buy the Envy 15 notebook so I would love to win it 😉

    If I do win it can be delivered to my mailbox (delivery will be signed for on receipt)

  • Surely You Jest

    I would love this laptop so my wife can stop stealing mine.

  • tbj5

    I'm helping with a mini-DARPA challenge at Penn State. I could really use this laptop, because my task requires me to interface with an Arduino controlling the vehicle, and my current laptop has taken to freezing every time I look at it wrong. It'd be terribly convenient to have a programming-only laptop that actually works, and could even be used by the vehicle itself for other mapping functions.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to have a travel computer.

  • Anonymous

    This laptop is sweet! I hope I win!! Thanks OhGizmo!

  • jasonbisterfeldt

    You guys are so awesome! My dilapitop is ready to retire to stud duty (or get melted down to make glue and some tasty dog food).

  • napime

    A new machine. And a new OS, too?

  • facebook-647472989

    I'd like to win this to make my Thinkpad looks like a joke.
    That's one spicy meatball!

  • mcman

    I think you guys were purposely holding this back. You were just waiting for my complaint so you could appease me. It was a big conspiracy wasn't it? I can see you now at one of your production meetings planning your move. Send that whack nut mcman those bucky balls. Once he's out of the way we can pull out the big time prizes.

    Well *snif*, I'm on to you *snif, snif*. I'm not going to cry. You'd like that wouldn't you? Make the 46 yr old looser cry. Listen up Oh Gizmo guys! If it weren't for me, you'd be nothing. Actually you'd probably still be rolling along but it wouldn't be the same. My comments are like a breath of fresh cheese and who doesn't like cheese? Big giant wheels of cheese rolling into your hearts.

    Frankly I have to admit that I couldn't survive without this site. Every day I rush to it like a kindred spirit or something similar. I know! you are like my mistress! If Oh Gizmo were a woman I'd be in love. Yes love, damn it! I'll yell it from the mountaintop! I love Oh Gizmo and I don't care who knows it! Do you hear me

    OK, I seem to be running out of angles here. I think I have the vapors and a case of the screaming mi mi's. I'm beginning to tire and need a second windbag to come over me. I'm beginning to weaken and the only thing that might help is to draw energy from an HP laptop. If only…*cough, cough*….

    Clear! I said clear damn it! *doooooooop* *ZAP* *boop, boop, boop, booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*

    NOOOOOOOOO! For the love of God, NO!!! Why didn't they just give him the HP?!

    He was the best darn commenter we ever had. OK, anyone hungry? I could go for some crackerjacks and tap water about now.

  • bijuL

    Its an amazing laptop and I can't afford to buy it now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Despite the track pad issues I have faith that HP will come through and save the day. Please Please Please, pretty Please with sugar on top give me this amazing looking laptop!!!!

  • jonnichols

    I would LOVE to win this laptop because I don't have one at all! I use a desktop at home but have found the need for a laptop many times while away from home. Good luck to everyone and thanks for offering this cool contest OhGizmo!

  • adamshegrud

    If I win this I will personally lick every square inch of it.

  • EspritOuvert

    Not only is my laptop huge, ugly, and heavy, but it's also gotten in a battle with one of my more curious friends. There are bite marks and scratches all over it. Any update, especially one so sleek looking, would be greatly appreciated.

  • Gustav Wind

    I despereately need to replace my compaq. I remember the old compaq “luggables” when we still booted of 5.25 floppies. So I get the unit from the shack 5 years ago and i'm wondering what happened to the inovative company that blazed that trail. Crappy touch pad, inconsitent controls, and weak performance for a power hungry system. A generally disappointing experience.

    Waiting for HP to rock my world.

  • dubzilla

    I want to win to help all the little children of the world realize that they can achieve their dreams and maybe one day they too can win a sweet laptop. actually that's a lie I want to rub my winnings in the face of all my friends and family.

  • jgott78

    If you pick me,I'd be giving this to my mother who still has a typewriter on her desk! I'd love to bring her into this century! It would make my day to see her learn how to use a computer finally

  • Way Ne

    If I win I'll consider getting “H P” tattooed on my sack and “ENVY” on my shaft with flames . Call HP and pitch that marketing after I win.

  • facebook-642992517

    I'd like to win this because as of now, my current laptop is a netbook, and it's quite the underperformer.

  • Anonymous

    This would be great to use for my wife’s and I new business. Heck I can give my daughter our old one so she can use it for school and we could use the new one for the road. By the way you guy’s post some cool stuff on this board keep it up.

  • rabidsquid

    I would like to win because I don't really know about winning and I hear winning is cool and I want to be cool.

  • Le Libre

    This laptop is awesome. I have been looking at pictures of it almost every day. Thanks for giving one away!

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, I just want a new laptop for free. But to be dishonest, my laptop broke, I lost all of my law school notes, finals are coming up quick, I need to rewrite a 30 page paper because my external HDD was lost, and a new computer would 1) make my day and 2) help me with my studies (i.e. gaming). Thanks!

  • bobgdotnet

    Why do I wanna win this? why wouldn't I! I need a good 15″ notebook to bring with me to clients, anything smaller and everyone has to crowd around a tiny screen!

    Also, I can show my friends all the lovely wicked laser reviews that I so enjoy seeing here!

  • x24

    I’ve never had a laptop. This would be a great cherry popper for me.

  • Tom James

    I could really use a new laptop. My iBook finally gave up the ghost about two weeks ago, after years of faithful service. My thesis work has been put on hold until I can scrape together the money for a new one. This would really help me.

  • jdub3

    I purchased an HP laptop last year, a dv4-1125nr and have been very pleased with its performance to this point in time, i would love to win this laptop so that i can upgrade from mine because this envy sounds like a complete beast.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve yet to be able to afford any type of portable computer, whether it be a nice laptop or even a netbook (the prices are getting much better). It would be super to be able to win one so I can keep paying my bills…crossing my fingers 🙂

    – Dessie

  • kzemla

    my current laptop is approx 4 years old. I never use it because it takes 10 mins for it to boot up and ready to use. we are about to move into a new house away from the parents and we have no decent working computer to put into our new home. (not sure i can “steal” their working computers without them noticing.) hah we also have a super apple g4, but that is not even turning on, so one day we'll fix the mac g4, but right now we do not have the knowledge or the money to fix so i would gladly take this new laptop! Please help us make the new house a home with the addition of a working computer!!!

  • lizbn

    Windows 7 and battery life oooh I'd be living the high life!

  • Anonymous

    It looks cool…

  • rblake42

    Why I should win the laptop:

    The laptop I am currently using is about 5 years old, every time I touch the left side of I get a nice little shock, which is really great for helping you wake up in the morning. Not to mention the fact that it is slow as molasses. Why not go buy a new you ask? I tried to buy a new laptop, had 31 days and it got knocked off of a table by my cat and broke the screen. One day out of warranty and my cheap little $300 laptop now needs about $120 in repairs. So my wife sits and uses her nice new laptop while I am stuck with an old piece of crap that was slow even when it was new. That is why I deserve to win it.

  • Carpe_Diem

    There are several reasons I want this laptop:

    I've always wanted a laptop, but I'm too broke to actually buy one. I've been looking at this laptop for several months (since it's been anounced). It has a better than average graphic card (the 4830 is a lower clocked 4860, so it's basically a 4850), an i7, a relatively fast hard drive (7200 RPM) and a ton of ram. The screen also has a great resolution (1900×1200), and it's not too heavy (5 pounds).

    I play a lot of demanding games (STALKER, Crysis, World in Conflict, Bioshock, COD5…), and I move around a lot (I travel sevral times a year) to visit my father (my parents are divorced), where I don't have a computer. It would be too expensive to buy two computers with a very good graphic card on them.

    I also would need a laptop to take notes in my classes (more practial than using a notebook), and I also LAN COD4 and WIC+SA, which has pretty high graphical requirements.

    All this being said, I need a laptop that is powerful and at the same time not too heavy/easy to carry arround, which is exactly what this laptop is.

  • StratMan9000

    I would like to win because my brother is off at collage with a pretty bad laptop, and I would like to get this for him.

  • macayn

    I have a work laptop which means long battery, slow as all hell. I need something I can play on, dammit!!!

  • boltzst

    I've been needing an upgrade for a laptop since my piece o' crap Acer allows limitation on virtualizations. I have a need for multiple VM boxes and would love to give the i7 a go over with multiple VMs running at once. One for work mock-up, one for linux and one for testing, etc. I've been looking at Dell's Alienware offering until this beauty showed up in the blog world. If I received this piece of work, I would love to help thread a column on ohgizmo just for the sake of technical updates, what it can do and other various aspects of techy stuff. I'm an IT guy for JHUAPL…I have the street cred!

  • javajini

    I would like to win so that I would be the coolest kid on the block ;-).

    Seriously cool laptop. Can't wait for more details.

  • pher

    Recently jobless and returning to school, unable to afford a new laptop. This would go a long way, so c'mon luck, throw me a bone.

  • boquigley

    Because I think my HP laptop officially bit the dust last night. It's old, has had a lot of work and the soldering work is probably going to cost more than it's worth this time. It's my last semester of college and I am too dang broke to buy another one right now. Plus, it's the main way I keep in touch with my mom in Africa and my dad in Japan. Help an abandoned co-ed out!

    P.S. Bring back Fish Tank Fridays!

  • ojone87

    I have never made a comment on gizmodo until the buckeyballs contest, i bought my friend a set for his birthday and they were awesome so when i seen the contest here i made an account and posted my comment, but before that ive always checked out gizmodo usually for all the cool new gadgets being created. but i never commented on them. the point of these contests from what ive read is to get people to comment more and it appears to be working because even after the contests are over i will continue to post what i think about the items here on gizmodo.

  • Chris Hill

    I'd love to win this laptop, It's top notch hardware.
    I'd use it for work, I freelance and It'd be great to have a laptop to use instead of the under powered Lenovo work stations I've been working on.

    I'd make quite the impression bringing that puppy into the conference room and showing my work.

  • Anonymous

    I have a very good desktop computer but the problems is it isn’t portable. My laptop got broke because by accident I trow it to the floor; anyways it was very old (5 years) and slow, and that´s how I got my desktop computer.
    I would like to have a new computer because it can help me taking notes in the University. With a new laptop I can stay studying in the Library; in my home I have to many distractions so I waste a lot of time. Definitely it will improve my academical performance.

    Please, pick me 😉

  • Timothy Booker

    I want to win this laptop so I don't have to buy it. There, I said it, I'm cheap.

  • phidget

    I would like it because it looks like a professional machine.

    But of course I would sit at work with it facing away from casual traffic playing MMOs all day.

    And it has juice that I can alt-tab and almost instantly get to a spreadsheet to look like I am busy 🙂

  • Alex Mills

    I would like to win because I really want to be an astronaut and without this computer my dreams will be crushed!

  • phidget

    Of course I would use this laptop for work.

    Sleek and powerful, looks really good. I would sit at work and face it away from casual traffic.

    With a spreadsheet in the background and earphones on (only one earbud in so I could hear approaching people), I would be slapping around various MMOs that I normally only play in my off time.

    Really. What kind of work environment doesn't allow me to game as long as my work is done?

    Fight the powers that be I say! Viva la revolution!

    Or something along those lines.

    Of course with the beef that this laptop has I could alt-tab almost instantly to a spreadsheet or some code…

    “Oh what are you working on?”

    “Oh this? Its just code to draw the sales figures for the eastern region from the database..”

    'Good job'

    I hear myself die through the ear bud in my game and laughter of the person that just ganked me.

    I cringe to my boss as they give me kudos for my coding.

    A misinterpreted gesture to be sure.

    Of course with this laptop I might be able to write coherently as well…

  • Esteban Torres Hernández

    to tell you the truth, my boss cut by half my salary, I'm a software developer and both my laptops died and OF COURSE, because the laptop looks AMAZING and who doesn't like a free laptop? 😛

  • melissa_il

    I could use a new laptop to replace my old gateway laptop! I will have to figure out how to trasfer all my awesome stickers, but I'll worry about that later.


  • justineusebio

    I would like to win because my laptop constantly overheats if I dont place my $10 target fan next to it. also when loading this page, it did the windows 95 scroll down.

  • Anonymous

    hurts another US only 🙁

  • baggyklown

    I wish I could say that i wanted to win this so I could help orphans to read or something, but I'll probably just use it to look at porn, and play games. But you guys like porn and games, so it's cool, right? C'mon, you know you want to give it to me.

  • aCuria

    I want a notebook for school! =x

  • aCuria

    I want a notebook for school!

  • aCuria

    I have never owned a notebook. Having one for school will be nice =)

  • alexcue

    Hot damn, I would love one of these! I'm already stoked for Windows7, and this would be the perfect machine to run it on. Then I could use the i7 to crunch my calculations for my world takeover. Or just show it off to all my friends. Either way random number generator, be on my side! Or teleport me to the multiverse where you picked me. Either way, man.

  • Anonymous

    I could REALLY use a new laptop so I can stop sharing with the wife! Unfortunately, it’s not in the budget. THIS, however, would fit perfectly in the budget! Here’s hoping! BTW, keep up the good work. Love the site!

  • Christopher Nee

    I would love to give this to my wife for her birthday. Thanks for creating the contest.

  • odosou

    I would love to win this since I feel like one of the last people on earth who doesn't own a laptop. I get so tired being tethered to my desk but just don't know enough about laptops to feel comfortable ordering one. Sounds like this one would be perfect, I think. Sure would be nice to find out!

  • jalp

    Not long ago;we kindly gave up our Laptop,to someone we love dearly.Now,maybe time has come to receive what we always liked:A new laptop!

  • engfant

    Unfortunately my PC is a Packard Bell Pentium 1, 75MHZ with 16MB or RAM and was hoping to win this laptop and party like it's 1999. Also because OhGizmo kicks the most taint on this here internets.

  • synfin

    This sounds like a fantastic laptop. Just in time to upgrade my laptop which about 4yrs old and may not be a great fit for windows 7 and this will allow me to give my current laptop to my mom so she can call my sister overseas on skype.
    Thanks for the opportunity,


  • grkk

    I'd like to win it because it is sexy.

  • Anonymous

    I need a new laptop. This one would be nice

  • peppe1

    I'd like to take this bad boy apart and see how they crammed so much good stuff in it.

  • davidj919

    I would like to win this laptop, because my wife currently owns our only laptop and if I keep stealing hers to use it, then i'm afraid she will leave me. Plus, hers is a MAC.

  • arcarc

    heck yea! contests are always cool and best when it's something you really need. i had (had being the keyword) an HP DV2000. One day it just decided to die on me..probably overheated…and wouldn't boot up. then i figured maybe the HD was shot so i went and bought a HD for it. that didn't work either. So now i have a dead laptop and a brand new HD that I have no more use for. lol. hope I wiN!

  • Anonymous

    Why should I be considered? Well, as far as electronics go, i have had the worst weekend ever. Southwest Airlines lost my luggage on friday. My bag had my dual booting(Windows 7 & Mac OSX 10.5) Msi Wind in it. Then Saturday my palm pre took a swim in a lake. It was in a “water proof” phone enclosure. Now today i find out that my phone insurance was canceled over a year ago by my wife to “save money”! lol. New phone, like 600 bucks. Southwest wants to give me replacement cost for the wind. Like 300 even though it had every upgrade and hours and hours of Tweak work done to it. So when does Kharma kick in? lol

  • joeythenifty

    I would like to win this to rub it in the noses of my less-lucky friends

  • bigghitt

    Why should I be considered? Well, as far as electronics go, i have had the worst weekend ever. Southwest Airlines lost my luggage on friday. My bag had my dual booting(Windows 7 & Mac OSX 10.5) Msi Wind in it. Then Saturday my palm pre took a swim in a lake. It was in a “water proof” phone enclosure. Now today i find out that my phone insurance was canceled over a year ago by my wife to “save money”! lol. New phone, like 600 bucks. Southwest wants to give me replacement cost for the wind. Like 300 even though it had every upgrade and hours and hours of Tweak work done to it. So when does Kharma kick in? lol

  • okgiz

    I would love to win this – I have no laptop currently and that machine is better than my desktop!

  • Kjp442

    I would like to win this computer as a replacement for the aging hulk I posted about in the NXZT case thread. This would be perfect.

  • Victor Sanchez

    so i can torrent my ass off

  • Anonymous

    Sadly… My Gen 2 XPS Visual Processor had kicked the bucket last spring…

    We since continuously remain stagnant in what has been forever known to us as..
    The Dark Ages of mine and my girlfriend’s apartment.

    Disparately we limp and stagger through the days and nights – malnourished, hungered and deprived of information. There’s no telling who or where we get our next ration of datum in this bleak of times.

    Disconnected from the outside world (wide web) we gain what little to no knowledge of current. We have been reduced to share the sparce 8GB solid state shillings carry in our empty pockets. No longer can we host along with our once beloved network’d brethren as they now scoff and abandon to bottomless perdition! We are left hanging in the balance!

    Our hope has become dim. Our faith has become withered. We plead for a miracle of chance and change. We hope one day, this miracle, may it water our flower of technology that has for so long been withered and dried.

  • at41183

    My Latitude D630 has been locking up…I need a new system for world domination. kthx

  • dasneat

    I would want to win this because I've needed a laptop for a few years now and I haven't bought one yet.

  • AK210

    Never used HP for anything but a printer…I'm willing to give it a try…

  • Anonymous

    Because I’m a Geek that reads OhGizmo everyday.

  • voodooaria

    I would like to win because I have recently learned that my boyfriend stores his valuables in his oven when he is away. I learned this because I was going to surprise him with home made cookies when he got home… Surprise burning plastic smell that lingers.

    ps- You aren't by chance also giving away a Movado Watch and a singed Ernie Banks baseball are you? No, oh, just thought I'd ask…

  • Damian J. Ameen

    My current laptop eats my leg hairs when I have it on my lap, 'nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    I have had 2 tablet pc’s in my notebook career; both of which are crappy. I was originally entranced with the idea of tablet pc’s, but now that I have 2 that both overheat I’m done. And I mean overheat and shutdown overheat, not oh its kidna hot overheat. Choosing me as a winner will grant you a place in my heart. FOREVER.
    ~~~Warmly awaiting in anticipation~~~

  • Tim

    I want to win because I am a large cosmic mass of space junk, and all my friends make fun of me.

  • Anonymous

    Two reasons to win one:

    1. My birthday is the 22nd


    2. HP doesn’t suck

  • Ryan Shuck

    I need this to replace my computer. It works fine, but I am greedy.

  • Luigi Ojeda

    boooo =(
    rest of the world here, and waiting for a laptop 🙁

  • Dyoung720

    this laptop is an animal. I'd love to win this so i can have not only bragging rights, but so i can have some real mobile power when i go back to school for computer engineering. I saw the specs on this one and fell in love.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to win because my wife hates my old laptop

  • Mark Van Duyn

    I need to send my son to college this next year

  • Anonymous

    New notebook = very happy holidays!

  • jeffmauch

    I love what you guys are doing with this site and I will definitely be making more of an effort to comment on posts. I just forget that I am able to do it. Cool laptop! its exactly what I've been looking for, just saving up the dough at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    I feel lucky !!

  • pcbliss

    I would like to win one because it beats paying $2000 for one!

  • Chezare

    I want to win it because my laptop is so old the letters on the keyboard have faded!!! please!!!!

  • pixiefairy007

    I would not only like to win this fabulously awesome hp laptop, though winning in itself is pretty awesome, but I would love to have this amazingly spectacular laptop because it has everything. A large bright beautiful LED screen. So now its brighter and i can save battery life because its LED instead of LCD. It's super portable which is a definite plus to carry around to class, work, back home, and maybe even when i take vacations with my family. I could use it to keep it touch with all my friends, via webcam, internet blogs, twitter, or facebook. If I decide not to i can always watch movies in Hi-Def! how great is that?! It is definitely useful if I'm away from home I can simply upload pictures of my day without having to wait until i get home to do so. Also it will be great to edit my photos and videos. Back home i can still take this to class and all my books because it's that ultra portable and awesome. I can do homework between classes, do some CAD drafting while at school or work, or even if i have to vacation. It has a super fast processor that I don't have to wait for it to slowly render like i do now. It also has so much hard drive space i don't have to worry about deleting stuff. Also the design itself is super awesome, sleek and sexy! thanks and HP for this fantastic chance to win a fantastic computer!

  • Anonymous

    I need this laptop because I am attending college and have no other computer because I cannot afford one.

  • Anonymous

    I could use an upgrade.

  • Brent Baker

    having a laptop would provide flexibility in my telecommute tech support job. could work from the backyard, or even the beach.

  • betajeff

    Teaching would be a lot easier with this!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please! I envy this Envy

  • rjbrooksjr

    I would use this device for only the most diabolical plots.

    And porn.

  • Anonymous

    I should win this laptop because I’m a 3D animation student that needs mobility. I have the render-farm but nothing else… 🙁


  • Anonymous

    I need this laptop because i tripped over the power cord on my hp tablet last week knocking it off the table and now the screen wont display anything.

  • richcastimore

    A new laptop from Giz would make the perfect and unduplicatable Christmas gift for my son! And what beter way to keep up to date on all the great Oh Gizmo! news all day!

  • Lammy2004

    I do not ask, no; I demand a contest for Germans only. As a frequent reader I feel discriminated. Well maybe it could be open for others as well, but I have to think of my chances aswell.

    So long

  • mckayc

    I will use a Haiku to express my future love to the HP Envy 15

    Laptops are quite nice
    Free laptops are much better
    Laptop, I love you.

  • Xombie

    I'd love to win so that I have a laptop to bring to college next year, rather than lugging my massive PC!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to win because I have no computer at college and have to live in the lab. People smell down here.

  • perfectfire

    I have 2 old laptops. On one the battery is dead and the charging cable disconnects if you move it slightly. The other's speakers don't work and the aftermarket battery is loose and disconnects if you move the computer sometimes.

  • gilamonster

    I need a good laptop to do some astrophotography with. Not that it helps, but to the random-number generator maybe astronomical aspirations matter.

  • Anonymous

    i’d like to win a laptop because i’m a college student without one. and really do need one.

  • Anonymous

    i would like to win it so my wife and i can have first comment battles on all your posts. i would let her have the notebook, of course, because when mommas happy, daddys happy.

  • SlapstickJudas

    I need this because I am a teacher and I would love to be able to take this too my classes to run multimedia lessons since I am pretty sure it will actually run the basics like PowerPoint, unlike the computer I have to deal with now!

  • sharpy36

    I would like to win this laptop because it is an awesome laptop, and I can't afford to pay for it xD

  • Vicenzino Ferro

    Hi everybody,
    I'm an italian guy and I frequent university course of computer engineering in Ferrara but I'm not able to buy a laptop that is obviously required. I'll be the most happy guy in the world if i will win this fantastic laptop. Thank you for the opportunity…

  • Anonymous


  • vargr

    My current laptop is 6 years old, misses a bunch of keys and runs steamingly hot, that is whenever it decides to turn on.
    Let's just say that this puppy would be more than welcomed here.
    Thank you

  • Anonymous

    I just want it and will never be able to pay for it, so there it goes!

  • btom51579

    I'm a deaf grad student and my laptop is almost six years old. That said, other commenters seem to deserve it more so it's okay if I don't win, which in probabilistic terms, I probably won't. But it's nice to hope. Good luck everyone else.

  • dunvi

    I want this laptop because it's free, and my laptop is 4 years old, was carried daily for 3 years, and still travels almost everywhere with me, and is showing the strain. As is, every part except the motherboard has been replaced within the past 15 months. The motherboard was replaced two years ago. (Although, this stupid computer is still the fastest windows machine in the dorm, and faster than some of the macs too. HAH.)

  • Gingervitis

    I want to win because I am a redhead and I can't go out into the sun. So I need a laptop to keep me indoors and safe.

  • Watervolcaneo

    Sister needs a laptop for Xmas

  • Anonymous

    Hey OhGizmo,
    I’m a 22 year old in the US Navy. I normally do 2 month rotations overseas. 2 months out 2 months back and so on. Well I was in the desert 2 rotations ago and had to go fly(aircrew) and find bad guys so I closed me Dell E1705 screen and… forgot to remove my earbuds from on top of the keyboard. The screen spider webbed and they don’t make those anymore and on top of that my 2 year warranty had been expired for over a year. I would have bought a nicer laptop but i had to settle on a netbook because money was tight. I’m a gamer and write code on the side when I can be but I am always on the road, whether it be overseas or in a hotel room somewhere (I’m actually writing this from a hotel room in PA because my squadron sent me to a school). I just got back from overseas last month and just found out I’m leaving again in the middle of next month… 2nd Christmas in a row I’ll miss, not that I mind to much. I would rather the married guys get to stay home for the holidays.
    It would really be appreciated if you would keep me in mind for the laptop.
    Thanks a bunch.

  • orangesrhyme

    I was unfortunate enough to buy the dreaded crappy mobo pavilions. After years of soldering and jury-rigging the thing, I've given up. Can your random robot happenstance upon my comment and solve my problems?

  • Anonymous

    though it seems that you are going to pick a random winner, i still would like to explain why i am commenting and why this computer would be put to good use if i was selected. i have only become aware of ohgizmo in the recent months, but find myself checking it regularly. i enjoy the items highlighted here and the commentary attached to each. i am commenting really on behalf of a married couple who are friends of mine and live in pemba, mozambique. they have been there for over a year and have been building a program to train orphans that are moving into adulthood with life skills and helping them to build sustainable small businesses. they are fortunate to have internet access on site but have been working with subpar hardware (aging laptop) and this gift would mean so much in their efforts. one of their top needs right now is reliable communication with the states as they move forward with their work. i would love to receive a brand new piece of computing hardware and immediately forward it to pemba. thanks.

  • envyus

    # I deserve to win because I am the most random noob on the interwebnet. I really am, yes indeedly. #~[randomizer_hax_stopper]: ->||/`/

  • Anonymous

    Stuck with using the company computer at home. would love a separate machine for personal use.

  • Anonymous

    perfect give away to get readers more involved. i could use a new laptop. my red hp one is getting kinda slow.

  • Anonymous

    excellent giveaway to get readers more involved. i’ve been checking this blog nightly for about a year now. i could definately use a new laptop for family video editing; my red hp is getting slow. think of me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Sweet laptop! Would love to replace an ancient ASUS with this fantastic HP. Thanks to Oh Gizmo!

  • Kyle Grandmaison

    I would like to win this because I am in college. And it is nice to have nice things in college because college students dont usually have the money to have nice things. This would be a really nice thing to have. I love computers, because computers are nice. If computers weren't nice, I wouldnt really want such a nice laptop like this fantastic HP Envy 15! This would be really awesome. I love OhGizmo for the articles that most gadget websites dont post until days later. Which is awesome. I would probably use the laptop to use the internet and visit OhGizmo, and play games, and edit videos.

    This is fantastical. Yes it is. I think this would be the coolest thing in the world if i win this because I never won anything that cost more than $20. When I win things, it is usually like a free croissant or small fry from burger king or mcdonalds. Or a free 12oz soda from coca cola. I enjoy drinking coca-cola from glass bottles because it is much more refreshing than drinking it from a cup, can, or even a plastic bottle.

    With Love to OhGizmo,
    Kyle “Danger” Xtreme

  • agenteleven

    I need this laptop to complete my world domination plans.

  • no_sweat

    I'd like to win because my lappy has had a broken screen for a couple months (using an external monitor now), just waiting for Win 7 to come out before buying a new lappy. Was planning on the HP HDX16 but it doesn't come with Win 7 … and the Envy's are super expensive 🙁 I haven't decided which I'm going to get yet (if I don't win this, of course) 🙂

  • Blex88

    I am in my 4th of college (3rd year architecture) and I have been using the same laptop since I started.
    The computer labs we have at the architecture school are always crowded and finding a workstation is difficult, so I always have to use cad, revit, photoshop, and other modeling and drafting programs on my laptop. I constantly have to juggle apps and freezing/crashing are becoming more and more problematic despite all tech wizardry I work on it to keep it going.
    Also the commuting to campus and constant travel with the laptop has created a fragile machine and loud machine. The hard drive is making this audible to me and needs to be replaced, it overheats easily during normal use now as the fan has slowed down, and the hinge for the screen feels as if it is about to fail anyday. It is also quite heavy which does not help matters either.
    I have been eying the development of this machine for several months now. The i7 processor, the lighter weight, and the more durable body is what I should have looked for in a laptop all along- and now its here! If only I could get my hands on one……

  • mattmitch

    oooh oooh pick me …. yeah well I'd like to win this cause I just realized my last win was a computer case XD … turns out you need guts lol (I really did know, that but it just sank in like a knife to the chest when I looked on newegg and saw how much parts are X_X)
    so yeah I've always wanted a laptop ,but never been able to afford one of any kind 😛 which really sucks cause I fix laptops on a regular basis for my friends … 🙁 so I have to drool over them for a week or two and still never have one of my own :'( .
    I'm sure there are other more “needy” people out there who want this laptop … [heck the open source designer giver awayer guy would be a good pick] , I really would be ecstatically happy to win this ….
    Good luck to you all, love the site , I really should comment more 🙂 I like that you want the site to be more “user friendly” it seems to be lacking in that area …

    anywho [me and my ADD :]

  • garrettgreene

    i need this cause my grandma's on our desktop alll stinkin day
    please please please

  • Anonymous

    My computer is a 10 year old piece of junk, I would LOVE to have a beast like that to call my own. And I could finally start using my own computer for my photography projects and art programs.

  • Kris Raney

    I would like to win this so I can finally access that internet thing I keep hearing about.

  • Anonymous

    So, I’m stuck with either a 6-year-old laptop that is on it’s third wind (which I am just hoping holds to life for the sake of my itunes library) and my ipod touch. Except my touch just went for a swim! Seriously, never leave a cup of water next to your bed… My boyfriend just got a quad core desktop, and it would be SO AWESOME to show him up! His weak little amd quad would pale in comparison to an i7! Pretty please! I’ll send pictures of how happy I am if I win!

  • srjk

    My last gen macbook pro it getting long in the tooth and this looks like a good reason to wander away from Apple 🙂

  • mselectrofisher

    How did they fit all that in a 15″ ?

    I want one 🙂

  • Dunceiam


    I need a computer for the bathroom, can't lug my desktop in there, so I need something to entertain me…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve completely fallen for HP! I was born a Dell girl, but HP has really taken over such a great role in the tech world! I love it! Who isn’t drooling over a new laptop though? 🙂

  • facebook-704957552

    I will opportunistically hop on this bandwagon. (It's a shame we have to be bribed to comment. I hope it helps to build the community you're looking for….)

  • MrEvil

    I'd like to win one because It'd make me the coolest kid on the block!

  • Kristin Angelo

    I would like to win this notebook because I am tired of waiting 5-10 minutes for my desktop to log onto the expensive high speed internet I pay for and another 5 minutes to open any program. And if I try to open more than one program at a time forget about it….it would take all night to do!

    Lets just say I am one step from throwing my computer across the room out of frustration.

  • drdickmd

    I'd like to win this because I'm still using Windows XP and a single core laptop…the horror. Plus the battery charge lasts about 5 minutes, so what I really have is a single core desktop with a small screen.

  • Beverliz

    This is the coolest notebook ever by hp with Voodoo

  • rrcowgirl17


  • dncingrama

    My grandson needs a new one, currently his has gone bad.

  • Anonymous

    I have been reading regularly since 2005 ( from when ohGizmo! sent out a contest for readers to work as an editor spot- cant remember but I believe it was David that won it?) and I find the site going with several changes. From the banner logo, to site navigation to editors( the list goes on).The one big change is that the site has been slower in loading time. Since I have been using the same old desktop, its time to win this light-weight(seriously light), heavyweight(specs) champion, don’t you think?

  • Toby

    I could use one because then I could study in the coffee shop with my wife.

  • facebook-2410040

    I'd like to win it so I'd have a definitive reason to get rid of my three laptops with broken screens.

  • vneo

    I would like to win this because I am tired of carrying around an ancient Samsung.

  • Alexander Levering

    You will randomly choose me to win the HP Envy 15. Jedi mind trick always works!!

  • cirez

    Winning this laptop would mean two things:

    1. Mobility that would give me the ability to work on on robots to take over the world while not confined to a chair and an old computer. Obviously a notebook is what every robot builder needs, but as a poor college student that is out of my price range.

    2. The ability to read Oh Gizmo! in more locations, thus the ability to share this awesomeness to many new people!

    Those are my reasons, and congrats to whoever wins.

  • lgouveajr

    Because I always like new techs!

  • lgouveajr

    Because I always like new techs!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve blacklisted HP DV series due to the bad molding design of where they place the outputs of the fans.
    Hopefully I’ll get chosen randomly and win this HP ENVY 15 to regain my confidence in HP once again.

  • lgouveajr

    Because I always like new techs!

  • sugizotp

    I've blacklisted HP DV series due to the bad molding design of where they place the outputs of the fans.
    Hopefully I'll get chosen randomly and win this HP ENVY 15 to regain my confidence in HP once again.

  • Joey Cheung

    Cool!! Santa clause is coming for me ….. heheeee

  • kitsch

    I am still running windows 2000!!!

  • wikasa85

    I have had the same laptop for almost 5 years. The battery doesnt last more then 30 minutes and would like a brand new laptop for the long ride to my internship..

  • julianthreatt

    I should win because I need a new laptop.

  • aekblade

    This laptop is sick!!! and so cheap..i cant wait to fill the office with these models.

  • facebook-1654144283

    Comments?!?! This is how you want to get us to start comments?!? By bribing us?!?!
    Uhhhh… Okay! Sounds good! Works for me!
    Seriously, this is a great website!

  • csquared317

    I would like to win, because Hp won't let me buy this laptop, cause they won't ship it to my Dorm

  • jonesehuikenebueze

    i would love to win this “iconic piece of art” because it's all i've ever wanted and dreamt of! I've been saving all my pocket money to get a cheap laptop for college but i'm yet to reach that goal. HP's started the laptop market and to me their products are really beautiful, durable and friendly on the pocket. Please Gizmondo give me the chance to own this piece of art.

  • Anonymous

    Would like to see why pc is better than Mac

  • robroot

    Once again OhGizmo! has got the greates swag around!

    This notebook would be an awesome addition to me riding the commuter train everyday! Forget about the iPod, lets get the HD movies queued up!

  • s.leep

    I'd like to win because winning feels great, especially when it involves receiving a sleekly designed laptop I can use to replace an old, dying desktop from a great gadget-centric blog.

  • MDB

    I'd love one for school! My major requires programs that eat a stock computer alive.

  • BTKS

    'cause I'm a-scared to give Apple any more monies!

  • azjerry

    Daughter heading to college next year, needs a laptop

  • aork

    Because I've been needing a new computer for over two years!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to win cause, heck, who doesn’t. It would also be great to get this is mine just got stolen

  • Anonymous

    I love Oh Gizmo!!!
    I should win the laptop because I’m a college student with 2 jobs. I never owned a laptop and realize it’s a luxury to have one but cannot afford it.
    It would be a blessing to myself and my 3 siblings– we have a really old computer for the family and cannot afford to buy a computer at the current time.
    In fact, I have to get off the computer now so my younger brother can use the computer for his homework. Ah, the joy of siblings…

  • Deanna McClellan

    I would like to win the HP Envy 15 because I NEED to! 😉 I'm currently using a Gateway MT6841 notebook (which is now discontinued). I do not know if it is just my Gateway, but it has NO battery life. I'm talking about less than 10 minutes! :O The power adapter stopped working this summer and I'm now using the power adapter from my old HP notebook. To top it off, the fans are now trying to go out. :O I told you I NEED to win! 😉

  • sario27

    I would like to win, because I have always enjoyed this site, and the great news it provides to learn about new and upcoming technical advantages to the market and corporate world. I also am starting an IT program at a local school and am lacking a Laptop for working on the go. It would just be really nice to win something, because school is expensive. Thanks for the chance.

  • Anonymous

    My old HP laptop has been broken for some time, and I’ve been using my roommates aging computer for the last three months.
    If i won this HP I would be so greatful, as would he since his is alsp begining to go on the fritz. Pick me please!

  • Anonymous

    Will be a great way to start off Windows 7 if I win. I “Envy” this machine…..

  • aggierichard

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!

  • Tom Mahar

    I want it…cuz…I want it!

  • nhutpham

    I'd like to win, I've never owned a laptop before and this looks like the best of the best!

  • Anonymous

    Cos I have never won anything in my life and this would be a good start

  • Anonymous

    I am a DJ/PRoducer and I also do webdesign. I recently had my laptop stolen from me(HP DV9000) and now I cant produce music,perform at clubs and do the web design work. Its my only source of income and this couldnt have come at the worst time to have my music and production work stolen from me. Winning this laptop would be a godsend!!! 🙂

  • Zotel

    I want to win so I can give my old Presario 2200 laptop to the wife and be able to use this cool thing as a primary PC…

  • Anonymous

    I am a DJ/Producer and I also do webdesign. I recently had my laptop stolen from me(HP DV9000) and now I cant produce music,perform at clubs and do the web design work. Its my only source of income and this couldnt have come at the worst time to have my music and production work stolen from me. Winning this laptop would be a godsend!!! 🙂

  • Bobby Castelvecchi Jr

    Me and my girl friend share a computer and she likes to hog it and get real mean if I don't share it with her. I need this computer so we don't kill each other.. oh crap. Here she comes with a knife!! She is going t

  • djderekjames

    I am a DJ/PRoducer and I also do webdesign. I recently had my laptop stolen from me(HP DV9000) and now I cant produce music,perform at clubs and do the web design work. Its my only source of income and this couldnt have come at the worst time to have my music and production work stolen from me. Winning this laptop would be a godsend!!! 🙂

  • lordfluffy

    I want it so that I can use a computer while my wife is getting her hourly facebook fix.

  • lordfluffy

    So that I could use a computer while my wife gets her facebook fix

  • TheMorganMan25

    I would love to win this…never had a laptop before.

  • AissaGarcia22

    I broke my boyfriend's laptop about 3 months ago and he didn't find it very amusing when I bought him an etch-n-sketch as a replacement.

  • AAMemarian

    I could definitely use a laptop for school.

  • TonytheLeo

    If I had this laptop I wouldn't have to resort to using one of those blue-tooth keyboards that link up to my phone when I need to take notes…i just look silly.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to have one to replace the 5yo HP laptop my wife’s been using!

  • BrianChenAABC

    I just found out I'm sterile…so even if it overheats on my lap…what have I got to lose?

  • ChurroCharlie

    I want to give my parents a present worth more than $50 for once.

  • AusaMangold

    I'm in serious need of upgrading my equipment and this would be a great start…any idea what it's like to have to turn in paperwork that was printed on a dot matrix because you didn't have time to go to Kinkos?

  • AnnNguyen1337

    I don't really have anything clever or witty to say…but owning a laptop really would make life a whole lot easier for me and I'd be forever grateful to HP and ohgizmo! =)

  • AnnieChowChau

    I've never had a computer that could handle photoshop…I'd love to be able to actually use Adobe Bridge without my computer crapping out! Help me OHGIZMO!!!

  • grakus

    I've always wanted a laptop to use, my wife keeps hogging mine!

  • nickosman

    I need this HP laptop because I'm a middle school student and we are required to have a laptop for in class use, currently I am using a very old Compaq that turns off at random and I often lose my work. but my parents cant afford a new one.

  • youngrippark

    I would love to win this because my current HP Laptop has a screen that works 20% of the time during the 10% of the time it actually decides to work. It's been sent to HP several times and they still do nothing about it. I really need a laptop that works for classes. D:

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never owned a notebook, believe it or not. I’d like to win because this sounds like a great one to start with.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, looking through these comments is like reading FML… only not as funny. Sad, really. I want to win this laptop to attract girls. At hipster coffee houses. And then have glorious nerd sex… If I’m reading this article correctly, they’re picking at random. If that’s the case… I eat puppies for breakfast. Babies are ugly. I steal toilet paper. I likes teh evils!

  • qwert45ps

    Who doesn't like free stuff? Thanks OhGizmo!

  • timlim

    i want to win so that at starbucks the mac fanboys can mistakenly talk to me about how much they love steve jobs.

  • stevedisaster

    i would like to win because im borrowing my girlfriends 2002 emachine. its hardly usable for getting on the internet let alone anything else. if a page has too many videos embedded on it, the machine crashes. i can only run one program at a time so if i want use firefox, i cant use soulseek.

  • Francisco Bolaños

    I'm giving my current laptop (also an HP) to my mom after I restore it. She really needs it. And I'm going back to school and can't afford a new one. By the way, I've read ohgizmo ever since I discovered it many many months ago and I think offering prizes is a great way to push for comments. I wish you guys all the best!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to wil this would help be in my online graphic design classes

  • NAXZ

    wow, i would really like this, my current laptop (the one im using) barely works, the keyboard's backspace and enter keys need a little….say, persistence to work….

    it would be great to try the new windows 7 on in 😀

  • NAXZ

    Type your comment, i would really like this, my current laptop (the one im using) barely works, the keyboard's backspace and enter keys need a little….say, persistence to work….

    it would be great to try the new windows 7 on in 😀

  • Anonymous

    wow, i would really like this, my current laptop (the one im using) barely works, the keyboard’s backspace and enter keys need a little….say, persistence to work….

    it would be great to try the new windows 7 on in 😀

  • Anonymous

    I would like to win because my laptop just broke. AND i CANT WAIT TILL THANKSGIVING

  • Andrea S

    Lugging a giant ole' dell around campus = no fun. Something like this however…..

  • Sarah Bares

    I would love to win this! I'm a flight attendant and I like to bring my computer along on longer trips, and something this sleek and light would make schlepping it through security a breeze!

  • echezeaux

    It's hard to render pictures of Kim Jong Il giving his thumbs up for OhGizmo on an old IBM Thinkpad.

  • lbeckm3

    Guessing maybe I'm too late, but wow could I use this laptop!! My last one ate the dust a few weeks ago and I'd love a new one to replace it. Trying to start up a business and cash is tight! Thanks OhGizmo! Love the site!

  • Sarah Bares

    I would love to win this! I'm a flight attendant and I like to bring my computer along on longer trips, and something this sleek and light would make schlepping it through security a breeze!

  • echezeaux

    It's hard to render pictures of Kim Jong Il giving his thumbs up for OhGizmo on an old IBM Thinkpad.