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Marc Ecko And Timex Teaming Up For A Line Of Star Wars Themed Watches

Marc Ecko And Timex Teaming Up For A Line Of Star Wars Themed Watches

Mark Ecko & Timex Star Wars Watches (Images courtesy The Marc Ecko Blog)
By Andrew Liszewski

Marc Ecko’s no stranger when it comes to Star Wars, and Star Wars themed apparel, as is evident by his line of hoodies inspired by that galaxy far, far away. But it looks like he’s recently teamed up with Timex as well to produce a series of Star Wars themed watches that so far only look slightly dorky.

This post on The Marc Ecko Blog actually dates back to July, but it shows off a couple of watch designs including a Stormtrooper model and a Boba Fett one, which each feature a mixture of metals, rubber and nylons as well as sounds and light-up ‘Indiglo’ features. Pricing and availability info is still scarce, though the blog post does mention “Holiday 2009” so if there’s a Star Wars fan on your Christmas list you might want to keep an eye out for them.

[ The Marc Ecko Blog – Exclusive: Star Wars x Marc Ecko Watches: Holiday 2009 ] VIA [ aBlogtoRead ]

  • mcman

    I used to have a timex watch. I lost it in the great Canadian Ham War of 73'.

  • EspritOuvert

    Geeky yet beautiful.

  • bobgdotnet

    They seem a bit too loud for any of my adult friends to wear to work, good thing I know plenty of kids (too bad they think the most recent 3 movies are better! arrg!)

  • facebook-19701276

    The force will truly be with you with this watch. I would go crazy if I had a storm trooper staring back at me every hour of the day.

  • baggyklown

    i really wish they would have this out before halloween

  • joeythenifty

    I can tell you, it was very unsettling when this happened to me. I have a restraining order now, but it was a very dark period in my life.

  • Dyoung720

    These watches look pretty cool. The only draw back for me really is the wrist band. I wish there was a watch designed more around the lightsaber with a metallic band. That would look sweet with led's built into the band and face of the watch.

  • dubzilla

    These are cool. I think that Ecko did a good job capturing the essence of the characters.

  • Gingervitis

    Ecko's hoodies were actually pretty awesome, but I've got mixed feelings about the watches. I can't help but feel like they're an extra accessory in a clothing line I would file under the “female repulsion” category that has no need for expansion. Plus, it'll clash with my NES controller belt buckle.

  • facebook-1468931781

    All together now!


  • facebook-1468931781

    All together now!