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Football Keepy Uppy (aka Hacky Sack) Counter

Football Keepy Uppy (aka Hacky Sack) Counter

Football Keepy Uppy Counter (Image courtesy The Random Shop) By Andrew Liszewski

Since everything is funner when it’s a competition, you can now get a Hacky Sack with a built-in counter to keep track of how many times it’s been kicked into the air. Except that since the term Hacky Sack appears to be a trademark currently owned by Wham-O, you’ll have to settle for referring to this as a ‘Football Keepy Uppy.’ Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

And besides keeping track of the number of kicks, there’s also a timer to keep track of how long it’s been in motion I assume, and a high score function in case you ever forget who’s the king of the ‘Football Keepy Uppy.’ (I’ll never get used to saying/typing that.) ~$20 from The Random Shop.

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  • facebook-19701276

    Oh man, that would be a pain when you keep dropping it every 3 kicks like me.

  • nenriel

    Wouldn't the weight of the electronic part make it imbalanced or something? I think I'll stick with my old-school hacky…much cheaper too.

  • baggyklown

    i don't think i need an electronic counter to count to 6 for me. because 6 is the most i've ever gotten in a row.

  • joeythenifty

    This is very clever, because people who are great at hackeysack are all too stoned to count higher than 10

  • dubzilla

    Finally something to rid the world of counting. One hippy at a time.

  • Gingervitis

    Keepy Uppy is a terrible name to replace hacky sack. How do I get the job naming things like this? I'm calling it “Bounce Counts.” 30 seconds of thinking and I came up with that. I'm not saying it's pure gold, but I feel like I deserve the job.

  • cirez

    The electronic part most likely effects the hacky-sackability of the keepy-uppy. Maybe if it costed as much as a normal hacky sack, and if I played hacky sacks.

  • franco1975

    Someone actually spent time to invent this??/

  • franco1975

    Someone actually spent time to invent this??/