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Use Your iPhone To Start Your Car


By Chris Scott Barr

Keys are one of those objects that seems almost archaic when you think about them. We have so many technologies at our disposal, you have to wonder why we rely on these so heavily. If you don’t have a car with a fancy keyless setup, you can now add a Viper StartSmart system that will let you control your car from your iPhone.

The new StartSmart System won’t have you driving your car from an iPhone, but you can do a host of other functions:

  • Lock/arm
  • Unlock/disarm
  • Remote car starter
  • Trunk release
  • Panic or car finder

You can do all of the above functions anywhere using your iPhone or iPod Touch, so long as you have either a data connection or WiFi available. The App is free, but you’ll need the Viper StartSmart hardware in your car. The StartSmart kit will set you back $499, and you’ll need to pony up $29.99 a year for service (the first year is free).

[ Viper ] VIA [ Dvice ]

  • Ken Cagle

    I have a app for my iphone that operates my home alarm. This looks neat for your car.

  • facebook-1096939220

    Yet another reason I need an iPhone! The kit installed in the car is a bit steep but I'd definitely pay the yearly fee. Especially on the really hot or really cold days…I'd love to give up having to go out in my pajamas to start the car the either warm or cool it.

  • resiek

    I would worry about either of my kids playing with my iphone when we're on vacation and accidentally starting the car. Imagine coming home after a week in Hawaii to find the car out of gas in the airport parking lot!

  • facebook-1468931781

    I'd rather use an iPhone to wipe my ass. Is there an app for that?

  • facebook-1468931781

    I'd rather use an iPhone to wipe my ass. Is there an app for that?