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SnowShorts Are The Perfect Sledding Accessory

SnowShorts Are The Perfect Sledding Accessory


By Chris Scott Barr

The cold air has been settling in lately and my thoughts have been turning to winter and snow. I like the idea of snow, but it’s just not as much fun when you’re an adult. You tend to get bored with sledding and snowball fights a bit more quickly than you used to. If you have kids and want them to get all of the enjoyment out of winter that they can, here’s something you might be able to get for them.

Snowshorts are basically a pair of shorts that go over their snowsuit. The bottom of the shorts has a hard plastic shell, which can be used as a mini sled. Now instead of lugging their sled to the top of the hill after every run. It’ll only set you back $35, and your kid will no doubt be thankful for it.

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