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Mount Your Laptop On A Tripod

Mount Your Laptop On A Tripod


By Chris Scott Barr

Most amateur photographers aren’t known to directly use their laptops when shooting pictures. However, professionals will sometimes hook their camera up to a notebook so that they can see immediate results on a large screen. As you can imagine, not all situations make it easy to keep a laptop situated near your camera. Well now you can have a flat surface for your laptop anywhere you can set a tripod.

The Tallyn Series Laptop Deck attaches to your tripod (you’ll need a really good tripod for this, not your $20 Walmart special) and will hold a laptop at the angle you desire. It is adjustable and holds laptops up to 17-inches and 8 lbs. The deck will set you back $85, which is a small price to pay for the convenience it will bring.

[ Tallyn’s ] VIA [ Crave ]


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