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Sharp EL-T100W ‘Brain Trainer’ Calculator

Sharp EL-T100W ‘Brain Trainer’ Calculator

Sharp EL-T100W (Image courtesy Sharp)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sharp has just launched their EL-T100W calculator which they refer to as the ‘Brain Trainer’ since it includes “fun” drills and quizzes that are designed to measure your brain age just like the games available for the Nintendo DS do. As a calculator the EL-T100W is pretty basic though, with a simple 10-digit LCD display and a basic numeric keypad, but that’s probably why it has a price tag of just over $21. And while it’s not specified in the press release, I have to wonder if the calculator can be used to cheat on those brain measuring math quizzes…

[ PR – Test your brain age with the Sharp ‘Brain Trainer’ ] VIA [ Electricpig ]