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Coil Lamp Makes Creative Use Of Its Power Cord

Coil Lamp Makes Creative Use Of Its Power Cord


By Chris Scott Barr

Have you ever bought a lamp with an annoyingly short power cord? I’ve had a couple that required the use of an extension cord, which always made me wonder why they skimped out on the extra wire. Well here’s one that I can guarantee will require a really long extension cord.

The coil lamp is nothing more than a pair of plastic shaping pieces and the piece that holds in your bulb. The rest of the lamp is composed entirely of an orange extension cord. The one supplied is 100 feet long, though they don’t say how much you’ll have left over to reach the wall. The lamp will set you back $150, or you can supply your own cord for $75, which sounds like a better deal. Then again, that’s still one expensive lamp.

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