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Announcing The BuckyBalls Winners

By David Ponce

It’s been long enough since we launched our BuckyBalls Giveaway, and 233 comments later, we have our three winners. First up, BigDanHall, who has a vasectomy coming up in two weeks. Ouch, we feel your pain!

Then there’s Hubbles, who pasted an ASCII image of Obama. Relevance to this contest? None, of course. But it was fun to get the first ever ASCII Obama comment on OhGizmo.

Finally, JoelCampbell who refered to me as “General Secretary of OhGizmo”. Kind of has a nice ring to it.

But here’s the twist. I’m giving away two more sets to our two most loyal commenters on the site: “McMan and Blairf Felgenheimer”. If it wasn’t for you two guys, the site would be a whole lot quieter. Yes, there are other loyal commenters, and I want to thank you. These two are something else though. In the coming weeks we’re going to be ramping up our efforts to get more of our 14,000 daily visitors and our 17,000 RSS subscribers to actually engage in conversation, so stay tuned.