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VOIP Over 3G Coming To iPhone

VOIP Over 3G Coming To iPhone


By Chris Scott Barr

It would appear that the forecast in Hell is cold and snowy. AT&T announced yesterday that they have officially decided to allow VOIP applications on the iPhone which use their 3G network. Yes, you did in fact read that correctly. You’ll be able to use a service such as Skype to make phone calls which don’t actually count towards your minutes.

They just informed Apple and the FCC of their decision yesterday, so don’t expect for apps to show up right away that take advantage of this. My biggest concern is how well AT&T is prepared for the extra load this is going to put on their network. It’s been proven time and again that their 3G network can be brought to its knees by a large gathering of iPhone users. Just imagine if they’re all using Skype for their calls.

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