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Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game

Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game

Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

If dropping $200 on a Wii plus another $40 or so on a miniature golf game still doesn’t satisfy your virtual putt-putt needs, I’m afraid the next step up is a big one. This Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game available from Hammacher Schlemmer uses real golf putters and balls, but the actual courses and obstacles are virtual and only appear on the 32-inch vertically mounted LCD display.

You putt the ball with the club just like you’d do in real miniature golf, but after it passes below the screen its position and trajectory is calculated and transferred to the in-game ball, where it continues on its course. Sound effects and annoying music are provided by a set of three speakers, and there’s an automatic ball return for added convenience. It will set you back a whopping $6,900, but that includes “White Glove delivery” which sounds like it would make the investment totally worthwhile.

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