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ThinkGeek’s EvilTron

ThinkGeek’s EvilTron

The ThinkGeek Eviltron (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it appears to be designed for having some seasonal Hallowe’en fun, ThinkGeek’s new EvilTron actually improves upon their original Annoy-A-Tron in many ways. Firstly, it’s smaller, only about as big as a quarter, and that in conjunction with a Rare-Earth magnet embedded in the back makes it even easier to hide. And secondly, instead of making random beeping noises the EvilTron plays 5 different eery sounds including “Something unsettling creaking, Unidentifiable scratching sounds, Gasping last breath, Sinister child laughing and Eerie whispering of ‘hey, can you hear me?'”

It’s powered by an included single cell type battery which is good for over a month of use, and at just $9.99 it won’t be that upsetting when your co-workers eventually find it and smash it to pieces.

[ The ThinkGeek EvilTron ]

  • mcman

    You know what annoys me? That the guy who comments more than anyone else has never won anything on this site. Sure, I can be irritating, insulting and sometimes just way out there in a wooden sided stationwagon but that's no reason to withhold prizes from me. OK, maybe it is a reason but it's not a good reason….OK, maybe it is a good reason but it's not a bad reason. Uhhh…..Pish Posh!

    See what I did there right at the end? Please tell me as I have no idea.

  • blairf_felgenheimer

    And then finally you won .. even if its only my pity. Which still puts you one up on me. Now I must leave for my therapy appt. Only two left and I should be over the BuckyBall loss. The good news is if I lose another give-a-way my therapist signs off on my license to go postal at the fast food chain of my choice.

  • mcman

    Awww! They already gave the bucky balls away?!! What a Gyp!! And when I say Gyp, I hearken back to those old timey people who once traveled the untamed west in search of gullible settlers. Make it rain Gypsy, they said…make it rain. Gypsies were the originators of the Polka, you know. (Don't look that up as I am probably lying)

    Good luck with that whole fast food mow down deal.

  • dponce80

    Actually, guys, we didn't give the buckyballs away yet. We're still getting a few comments. But you know something, you each get one. You're both our most loyal commenters, and for that alone I think you each deserve some sort of something. No? Use the contact form and send me your shipping info, please. 🙂

  • blairf_felgenheimer

    Free balls AND uneeded therapy sessions? I suppose next you'll tell me theres going to be a live action Thundercats movie … omg .. yer kidding right?

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