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Palm Restores iTunes Syncing To Pre

By Chris Scott Barr

It was pretty obvious from the start that Palm’s decision to make the Pre sync with iTunes was going to cause some issues. Well Apple pulled the plug by simply issuing an update that broke the feature, and Palm responded by complaining to the USB-IF. Not only did they reject Palm’s complaint, but found that the company had violated the USB-IF policies in trying to make their handset work with iTunes. You’d think that all of this would discourage them from trying anything further, right? Wrong.

The latest version of the WebOS software (1.2.1) “resolves an issue preventing media sync from working with latest version of iTunes (9.0.1).” To make things even better, you can now also sync pictures as well. If I owned a Pre, I would no doubt be happy to have this functionality. However, Palm is really pushing it. How about instead of focusing on making your phone work with the competition’s software, you make your own? That would be too much effort, no doubt. Your move Apple.

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