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Crazy Bike Rack Lets Your Take Your Surfboard To The Beach In Style


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve always thought it would be fun to go surfing. However, living in the Midwest doesn’t provide all too many opportunities for such endeavors. Sure, I’ve heard about some decent surfing up in Lake Michigan, but that’s just not the same as catching big waves out in California. If you happen to live out on the coast and are looking for a good way to get your board to the beach via bicycle, check out these ACG Surf Racks.

This would no doubt be a cheaper (and more eco-friendly) alternative to strapping a board to your car, but it just looks plain silly. With the board strapped above your head, the center of gravity would be thrown off, making it harder to ride. If the picture is anything to go by, your rear tire is going to have a lot of trouble supporting all of the extra weight. No word on pricing, but these can be found in various surf shops in California and New Jersey.

[ ACG Surfracks ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]