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Solar Charger Gives You Fresh Batteries In Just 5 Days

Solar Charger Gives You Fresh Batteries In Just 5 Days


By Chris Scott Barr

Solar devices are rather popular, despite the fact that they generally take much longer to charge than your average gadget. Thankfully, there are some things that don’t necessarily need to be charged quickly. Take AA and AAA batteries for example. Mine usually sit on the charger for a few weeks before I need to swap out a pair with a keyboard, gaming controller or something. So with that in mind, I give you the Solar Powered Battery Charger Box.

As long as you don’t need fresh batteries on a daily basis, this little charger should do the trick. With full sunlight, you can recharge a set in just two days. However, if it is indoors getting 2-3 hours of sunlight each day, it might take more like 5 days. My biggest complaint with this product isn’t the amount of time it takes to recharge a set of batteries. Rather, it’s that the device charges 3 of them at a time. Why three? You don’t find them in packs of three, and most devices require even numbers to operate. If three is your magic number and you’re all about green energy, then you can pick this charger up for $39.

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