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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Darth Vader Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar Holder – Kinda Pricey, Kinda Dumb

Darth Vader Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar Holder (Image courtesy StarWarsShop)
By Andrew Liszewski

As if having to stick a sensor bar atop my TV to play the Wii wasn’t bad enough, Lucas and company now want you to perch this cast resin Darth Vader bust up there as well. His light saber is cleverly designed to support the Wii’s sensor bar, while not limiting its range, but even if this was $5 I still wouldn’t consider it, let alone $49.99. But don’t let me stop you from pre-ordering one now from since these won’t ship until November.

[ Darth Vader Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar Holder ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

Purchase The World’s Tiniest Drill

tiny drill

By David Ponce

This drill is about the smallest we’ve ever seen. The word drill in this case is a bit of a hyperbole as it doesn’t actually do any drilling. It will however spin the drill bit upon pressing the trigger, and that’s close enough for us. Plus, who’s ever heard of a drill you can wear as a pendant? That’s pretty sweet!

It’s 85 euros for one, and we like how the guy who handmakes them and can take up to two weeks to ship them to you actually took the time to make a pretty straightforward FAQ:

what can it drill?


why did you make it?

because I like it

what’s in the price?

3 euro – PayPal charge

10 euro – materials

10 euro – worldwide shipment

14 euro – VAT tax

20 euro – income tax

28 euro – 2 hours of meticulous work

can I get the graphic file to make it myself?

sure, drop me a line

Hit the jump for a video of the drill in action.

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Japanese Artist Creates Bio-Mechanical “Tumor” That Doubles As CPU Load Meter


By David Ponce

This seems to have been around since 2008, but it’s only now making the rounds on the blogs, so we thought to let y’all know about it too. The video we’ve embedded after the jump shows a creation by Japanese artist Mio I-zawa. It’s a rubber (or latex, we’re not sure) bladder shaped and painted to look like a tumor. It’s connected to a series of motors and pneumatic actuators, and the whole apparatus is controlled by a piece of software on the PC to which its attached. When the load on the CPU is low, the tumor gently pulsates. But start doing something CPU-intensive, and it’ll grow, giving you a direct, organic connection to the current load on the PC.

We’re not entirely sure why the use of a tumor, as opposed to say a fake lung. We get the whole bridging the gap between inorganic digital stress and biological stress; kind of anthropomorphizing the most inanimate of objects. But heck, even a heart would have made more sense… Why a tumor?

Hit the jump for the creepy video.

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Well It Turns Out That Microsoft Ad WAS A Porno

By David Ponce

All that was needed to reveal the hidden sexual innuendos in last week’s article about MS’ Launch Party Instructional Video was a few well placed bleeps. It’s really sort of creepy. Just watch the above video and you’ll understand.

And for those of you dense enough to need things spelled out, yes, this is a joke.

VIA [ BoingBoing Gadgets ]

Be The Emergency Backup Life Of The Party With The Lecci Mini Mixer

Lecci Mini Mixer (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

You never have to worry about a party being ruined because the DJ cancelled at the last minute as long as you’ve got this Lecci Mini Mixer buried somewhere in your backpack. I can’t seem to find too many details about it online, so I’m going to assume it has the requisite connections on the back for hooking up a pair of MP3 players and some speakers. On top there appears to be a headphone jack, a cross fader and a couple of knobs that are probably volume controls for the headphones and the line out, and the whole package looks to be only slightly larger than your standard mint tin. ~$20 from

[ Lecci Mini Mixer ]

Microsoft Allows Any Version Of Windows 7 On Netbooks, Lifts Restriction On Starter Edition


By Chris Scott Barr

With Windows 7 coming out next month, we’re hearing more and more news about the upcoming OS from Microsoft. Two rather important pieces of info have just been announced. First, we now know that netbook manufacturers will not be required to use the scaled-down ‘Starter’ edition. They will in fact be allowed to install any version that they like. Windows 7 Starter has a few drawbacks such as it will only be available in 32-bit and will be missing Aero Glass, Taskbar Previews and Aero Peek.

The second piece of news is also regarding the Starter Edition. Microsoft had originally stated that this most basic of versions would restrict the number of applications you could have running. In fact, not being able to run more than three programs simultaneously was one of the biggest concerns about this particular version. Well rejoice future Starter Edition owners! Microsoft has officially lifted this restriction, allowing you to run as many applications as your computer can handle.

[ Microsoft ] VIA [ TG Daily ]

Emily Wall Mounted Alarm Clock

Emily Alarm Clock (Images courtesy Generate Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

Since most alarm clocks are designed to sit on a bedside table, mankind has developed the unique ability to read the time at a 90 degree angle while laying in bed. It’s yet another skill that separates us from the animals, but it looks like someone is trying to change that. Designed by Greg Wolos, the Emily alarm clock is supposed to be mounted to the wall or a headboard so that the red LED display ends up being on its side, making it easier to read while lying in bed.

Now I for one refuse to let my angled time reading skills be forgotten, and intend to pass them onto my children and grandchildren. But I also refuse to pay $129 for an alarm clock with less features than a model from the early 80’s.

[ Emily ] VIA [ CraziestGadgets ]

Get A Peek Pronto With Lifetime Service For $299


By Chris Scott Barr

Earlier this year, we gave you a look at the Peek, and then its successor, the Peek Pronto. The device is great if you just need something to send email and update Twitter/Facebook. Of course sometimes it’s hard to justify paying $15 a month for only those features. Luckily, now you can purchase the Peek Pronto with unlimited service.

Now if you’re interested, you can purchase the device in one of two ways. First, you can buy the device for $229 and get a free year of service. After that first year, you’ll have to pay $15 for each month you use it. Or, you can pay $299 and have unlimited service. If you plan on using this thing for more than a year, you’re better off coughing up the extra cash. Of course, in this age of iPhones and other smartphones, you have to wonder if a dedicated device is really worth it.

[ Peak ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Casio Cubic Puzzle Watch Unfortunately Doesn’t Include Any Games

Casio Cubic Puzzle Watch (Image courtesy Tokyoflash)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it might have taken some of its design cues from Tetris and other block-type puzzle games, the Casio Cubic Puzzle watch doesn’t actually include any built-in gaming action. I’m afraid it’s all business with your basic 12/24 hour time and date functionality, stopwatch, alarm and backlight. The display is animated, which might help distract you during a boring meeting, but I’m afraid that’s all the fun you’re going to have with this thing. $89.56 from Tokyoflash available in blue or black.

[ Tokyoflash – Casio Cubic Puzzle Watch ] VIA [ SlashGear ]