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Belkin Conserve Surge Powerbar With Built-in Timer

Belkin Conserve Surge Powerbar (Image courtesy Belkin)
By Andrew Liszewski

Belkin’s new Conserve Surge powerbar features a built-in timer that will automatically cut power to six of the 8 outlets after 11 hours. The idea is that an employee will turn the powerbar on in the morning when they get to work, starting the 11 hour countdown, and by the time the clock runs out, they should in theory have already gone home. It’s designed to reduce the amount of electronics that are still wasting energy when they’ve gone into a standby mode, and to ensure that power isn’t accidentally cut off when it’s still needed, a flashing light will warn when the timer is about to run out, allowing you to override the auto-off. $34.99 available now.

[ PR – Belkin’s Conserve Surge with Timer Reduces Energy-Related IT Costs at the Workstation ] VIA [ SlashGear ]