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Get A Peek Pronto With Lifetime Service For $299

Get A Peek Pronto With Lifetime Service For $299


By Chris Scott Barr

Earlier this year, we gave you a look at the Peek, and then its successor, the Peek Pronto. The device is great if you just need something to send email and update Twitter/Facebook. Of course sometimes it’s hard to justify paying $15 a month for only those features. Luckily, now you can purchase the Peek Pronto with unlimited service.

Now if you’re interested, you can purchase the device in one of two ways. First, you can buy the device for $229 and get a free year of service. After that first year, you’ll have to pay $15 for each month you use it. Or, you can pay $299 and have unlimited service. If you plan on using this thing for more than a year, you’re better off coughing up the extra cash. Of course, in this age of iPhones and other smartphones, you have to wonder if a dedicated device is really worth it.

[ Peak ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]


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