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The Excavation Of Mushroom Island – What If Those Super Mario Games Really Happened?

The Excavation Of Mushroom Island – What If Those Super Mario Games Really Happened?

The Excavation of Mushroom Island (Images courtesy Blurb)
By Andrew Liszewski

So what if it turns out that all those Super Mario games created by Nintendo were actually based on real events? And what if Mushroom Island was actually a lost chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean that were recently discovered by a team of archaeologists? Well that’s exactly the idea that author Logan Zawacki is proposing with his book, The Excavation of Mushroom Island, which is supposedly a detailed account of what the archaeologists found.

In ‘The Excavation of Mushroom Island,’ archaeologist Logan Zawacki and his team uncover the greatest archaeological discovery of the century and document their entire experience. This book comes complete with a detailed chronology of the cultures that inhabited the islands between the Arcadic Period and the Early Snesolithic Period, as well as detailed maps of the landscape and site locations of each marvelous find. There are over 30 documented fossils to view within this 76-page softcover book. Each fossil comes complete with a map of their locations, scientific names, dimensions, and informative comments provided by the lead researcher, Logan Zawacki.

It sounds like the perfect addition to any geek or gamer’s coffee Mountain Dew table, and while softcover versions of the book are available from Blurb for $50, a limited edition signed and numbered hardcover version is also available by contacting Logan directly (details can be found on the Blurb site) but you’ll want to act fast since that run is limited to just 100 copies.

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