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Redefining Asinine: Microsoft’s Launch Party Promo/Instructional Video

By David Ponce

This. Is. Just. Awful. Just so you’re up to speed, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 7 on October 22nd and as part of their launch promotions, they’ve asked people to host launch parties for the new OS. If chosen as a host, you’d have received a free Signature Edition of Windows 7 Ultimate and run a chance to win a $750. The video above was created for these chosen hosts as both a promotional tool and somewhat of an instructional video on how to host one of these parties. Never mind now though since confirmations are already being sent out. The point here is just how freaking horrible and asinine the above video is.

I have an idea. Watch it, and then in the comments here tell us what you’d rather do than attend a Windows 7 launch party? Myself, I’d rather spend an entire day cleaning old dentures with a toothpick.

VIA [ Crunchgear ]

  • blairf_felgenheimer

    I spent my whole launch party teaching people how to pilfer and validate a copy of Windows 7.

  • icmrocha

    Oh Gosh……

    I'd rather watch that black guy doing the blond chick…

  • Anonymous

    This is a joke, right?

    I had said I was giving MS one more chance. If Win7 is as big a piece of crap as everything before it, I’m converting to Apple.

    This might make me reconsider. The wisdom of giving them one more chance, that is.

  • bobjohnbob

    It looks like the black dude brought the blonde chick to the party and the nerd with the weird emo comb over brought his mom to the party.

  • lemon_chicken

    This is like a stupid, crazy, and ugly orgy sex party… Jeeeezuzzz…

  • lemon_chicken

    This is like a stupid, crazy, and ugly orgy sex party… Jeeeezuuuzzz…

  • uccemebug

    How did everyone involved convince themselves to participate in this? Were they promised anonymity?

  • Gomer_Pyle

    I would rather extract the beans for Weasel-coffee, with my teeth and prep them for roasting with my bare hands.

  • sario27

    That is so pathetic. Way to be Microsoft…

  • ?????)? Tony Anasta

    i think i just lost a few IQ points watching this

  • wombat247

    I'll bet Apple is quaking in their boots.

  • Low Acid Coffee

    Great video.

  • Low Acid Coffee

    Great video.