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Trendnet Wireless N USB Adapter

Trendnet Wireless N USB Adapter

Trendnet TEW-648UB Mini Wireless N Adapter (Images courtesy Trendnet)
By Andrew Liszewski

If for whatever reason you’re still using a laptop that doesn’t have WiFi, or at least wireless N, Trendnet provides an easy and almost invisible upgrade with their new TEW-648UB USB wireless N adapter. It’s compatible with almost all popular flavors of Windows today (no mention of Mac support) and includes support for WiFi Protected Setup making it easier to connect to a password protected network. You’ll want to be aware that speeds max out at 150Mbps since it’s only a single-stream adapter, but since you’ll probably be buying it as an upgrade from a slower, older standard, I’m sure it’s a caveat you can live with. ~$25.

[ Trendnet TEW-648UB Mini Wireless N USB Adapter ] VIA [ Crave ]


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