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Pong iPhone Case Blocks Harmful Radiation

Pong iPhone Case Blocks Harmful Radiation


By Chris Scott Barr

There have been plenty of arguments saying that cell phones emit harmful radiation and will basically turn your brain into a pile of goo. I’m not really sure how much of this I believe, after all watching too much TV was supposed to have a similar effect when I was a kid. Anywho, if you’re worried about radiation from your iPhone, then look no further than the Pong case.

This special case is supposedly able to reduce intense ‘hotspot’ cell phone radiation by 85%. That leaves only 15% of the radiation, which should be easily thwarted by your tin foil hat. Alright, so maybe they do emit radiation and whatnot, but this case will set you back $60. Really, do you want to drop that much cash on a case that looks decent and may or may not have radiation-blocking powers?  I think I’ll spend my cash elsewhere.

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