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Pac-Man Chair Looks Awesome, Isn’t Real

Pac-Man Chair Looks Awesome, Isn’t Real


By Chris Scott Barr

For a long time I’ve thought about developing some skill with 3D rendering. Why? Because I want to be one of those people that designs really cool products that will never get paid. That way people can look at my work, and get excited thinking that it’s something they could one day own. Then in one fell swoop, I’ll crush their dreams as I tell them it is only a concept. Why the rant? Because I want this Pac-Man chair.

As you’ve no doubt guessed, this chair is only an artist’s rendering. There’s a good chance that this will never be produced by anyone, so don’t get your hopes up. Were it the real deal, it would make an awesome addition to any gaming lounge or bachelor pad.

[ Behance ] VIA [ Gizmodiva ]