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JOBO PhotoGPS Adds Geotagging To Your Current DSLR

JOBO PhotoGPS Adds Geotagging To Your Current DSLR


By Chris Scott Barr

Geotagging is nothing new, and the required hardware is finding itself into more and more cameras. After all, who wouldn’t like to know exactly where their pictures were taken? Well if your camera doesn’t have a built-in GPS device, it’s rather difficult to acquire the exact location of your shot. Thankfully devices such as the JOBO photoGPS exist.

The JOBO photoGPS sits atop your DSLR in the hot-shoe, and captures raw GPS data whenever you snap a photo. Later, when you download your pictures to a computer, you can also download the GPS data. The included software will then use the information it previously gathered and geotag your pictures. It can even add in information such as city, street POIs and more. $159 is a bit pricey, but also looks to be one of the easier geotagging solutions for existing cameras.

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