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Google Voice Now Forwards SMS To Your Email

Google Voice Now Forwards SMS To Your Email


By Chris Scott Barr

Google Voice is probably the coolest service you can get for your phone. Of course the hard part is still getting an invitation. Well for those of you already in, here’s another new feature that you might be excited about. You now have the option to forward text messages to an email address.

This feature is similar to what they already offer for voicemails. Only they (obviously) don’t have to mess with transcribing the message. You’ll also be able to respond to such text messages from your email. Since you can also choose to not have your SMS messages sent to your phone, you could avoid text messaging fees by simply using this new feature. Granted, that would be an annoying way to do things, but it is possible. Google Voice just keeps getting more awesome with each passing month. Now where are those invites that everyone is waiting for?

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