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Lenovo Releases New ThinkPad USB Keyboard

Lenovo Releases New ThinkPad USB Keyboard


By Chris Scott Barr

I spend a lot of time typing, so having a keyboard that’s comfortable is really important. When I’m on the road, I don’t generally mind typing on my MacBook, but only for short periods. If I’m going to be writing anything of great length, I’m going to prefer a desktop keyboard every time. It’s for that reason that I’m surprised to find that Lenovo makes an external keyboard that’s modeled after their notebook keyboards.

The new ThinkPad USB Keyboard is actually not the first of its kind. Rather, Lenovo has been working with customers via surveys to create a better keyboard. The result was a keyabord that matches that of the T400-series laptop as close as humanly possible. Thanks to user input, they have removed the trackpad, numberpad and reduced the price to $59. I suppose if you’re really in love with your ThinkPad keyboard, then you might enjoy this. I’ll just stick with my regular desktop keyboard.

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