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The Anatomy Of The Wii

The Anatomy Of The Wii


By David Ponce

Reminiscent of the anatomy of a Lego minifig we posted about a year ago, the above image is part of a series by artist Angela Moramarco called “Wii-habilitation”. We kind of prefer our own title to it since it’s more appropriately descriptive if a little less pun-esque. Our understanding however is that this could be part of an outreach by Nintendo to physical therapists, extolling the console’s benefits on the body, hence the “rahabilitation” theme. We’re not sure whether this is something actually sanctioned by Nintendo or merely a creation by Moramarco.

Click picture to enlarge and follow the links to the entire portfolio.

[ Angela Moramarco (at Coroflot) ] VIA [ LikeCool ]


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