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Finally, A Cheap Universal Remote That Works With The PS3


By Chris Scott Barr

If you have a PS3, then you probably take advantage of of its Blu-ray player. You’d be crazy not to. Unfortunately one drawback to the PS3 is that you have to have a separate remote to operate it. Why? Because it’s one of the only home theater devices to use Bluetooth to communicate with its remote. Well luckily there now exists a remote that can control more than just your PS3.

The Blu-Link remote works off of both Bluetooth and infrared signals, thus catering to all of your devices. It supports up to six different devices, and can learn commands from other devices. You’ll also find dedicated PS3 and Blu-ray control buttons. $49 might seem steep for your average universal remote, but this one looks to be well worth the money.

[ Interlink ] VIA [ Technabob ]