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Monopoly City Streets Uses Google Maps As The Game Board

Monopoly City Streets (Images courtesy Daily Mail)
By Andrew Liszewski

Monopoly, the board game that’s torn families apart and created unrepairable rifts between friends is about to go online in a very big way. Monopoly City Streets is a collaboration between Hasbro and Google, and players will actually be able to use Google Maps to buy and build on literally millions of streets from around the world. The online version of the game will also introduce new structures like stadiums, castles and skyscrapers, as well as garbage dumps and prisons which can be constructed on other player’s streets, diminishing their value. Now I’m not entirely sure how the game will be played, but it’s set to launch on September 9 so in just a couple of days we’ll all be able to find out.

[ Monopoly City Streets ] VIA [ Daily Mail & DVICE ]