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Medion Life S47000 HD Sports Camera

Medion Life S47000 HD Sports Camera

Medion Life S47000 Digital HD Sports Camera (Images courtesy Pocket-lint)
By Brian Liszewski

The Medion S47000 is not unlike the Flip UltraHD we reviewed a while ago, except that it seems designed for x-treme sports enthusiasts, complete klutzes, or anyone who’s just not so good at taking care of their toys.

On the tech side it captures 720P H.264 MOV files, features a 2-inch LCD display and includes an SD/SDHC card slot which you’ll want to take advantage of immediately since the camera only comes with 90MB of internal memory. It’s also got USB 2.0 for transferring videos to a PC and an HDMI output for connecting it to a hi-def display. And on the ‘rugged’ side the camera features a loop on top for connecting it to… um… something, and is splash resistant. So I guess as long as your choice of sports keeps you well away from water, the S47000 seems like a viable option.

It’s available from for about $164.

[ Medion Life S47000 HD Sports Camera ] VIA [ Pocket-lint ]