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iPhone Users To Finally Get MMS On September 25

iPhone Users To Finally Get MMS On September 25

MMS Update

By Chris Scott Barr

I love my iPhone, and some days it feels like it can really do just about anything. That is, until I get a cool little text message from AT&T telling me that someone has sent me a picture message. I then have to open up Safari, copy and paste a code and password (it was barely even possible to do without a desktop in the days before the 3.0 firmware). All of this so I can see a picture of someone laughing, along with a message saying “lets see your fancy iPhone open this!” True story, someone with a crappy little free camera phone sent it to me. They just love the fact that their phone can do something my fancy-pants iPhone can’t. Well all of that is about to change.

Finally, AT&T has announced that the iPhone 3G and 3GS will be getting MMS on September 25th. A bit late from their projected “late summer” release of the feature I think, but I’ll still gladly take it just the same. So, who wants to take bets that AT&T has massive network outages on the 25th?

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