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YikeBike Looks Like Fun, Will Cost An Arm

YikeBike Looks Like Fun, Will Cost An Arm


By David Ponce

After posting news of the Enicycle a few days ago, here comes another personal transportation device that purports to solve the issue of urban mobility. It’s called the YikeBike and is essentially a folding electric bicycle with a design reminiscent of the high wheelers of old (also known as Penny-Farthings). It’s powered by a 1 kW battery and can accelerate up to 20 kph (about 12 mph) with a range of 7 to 8 km (or about 5 miles) on a 30 minute charge. Made from carbon fiber, it weighs in just under 22lbs and with practice can be folded up and stashed in a bag in about 15 seconds.

There are working pre-production models and the first 100 orders should be delivered in “early to mid 2010”. But at €3,500-€3,900 (~ $5,500), you might as well get a Segway.

Hit the jump for a few videos of the YikeBike in action and a gallery.