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The Bookmark II

The Bookmark II


By David Ponce

We like it when designers re-invent the wheel elegantly. In this case, someone’s re-invented the bookmark and actually made it more useful. The Bookmark II is a simple rubber band with an arrow on one side and a “Bookmark” tab on the other. The arrow allows you to point to the line you were last reading and the tab to open the book up to the appropriate page. It’s simple.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how to get a hold of one, though it’s allegedly made by Propaganda. We can’t find a reference to it on the site though. Hit the jump for another image. (Incidentally, we think they made an interesting choice of line on the picture above)


[ Product Page ] VIA [ MoCoLoco ]


10 responses to “The Bookmark II”

  1. moop2000 says:

    You know, you could just take a regular rubber band, and put a mark on it with a sharpie, and get the same result.

  2. RobertBWillis says:

    Although some people can not control american flag wallpaper the weight, and others, but somewhere along the road that could not.

  3. fartcat says:

    anyone know what book that is?

  4. Anf says:

    1. The band will bend the edges of the pages.
    2. The rubber won't slide over the pages, so the little arrow will be tricky to get in the right place.
    3. The book won't sit flat.
    4. What was wrong with a normal paper/card/thin metal bookmark?

  5. chriz says:

    Are you aware that the arrow is pointing to a line of text containing the work “fuck”?

  6. no_sweat says:

    That fuck looks fake… and it doesn't even make sense in the sentence. But I love it.

  7. Tom Terry says:

    It's the little things in life…I will get a couple of these

  8. Tom Terry says:

    It's the little things in life…I will get a couple of these