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Stench Seeker Can Measure The Quality Of Your Farts

Stench Seeker Can Measure The Quality Of Your Farts

Stench Seeker

By Chris Scott Barr

When it comes to passing gas, usually the thing people are most likely to argue about is the source. After all, most people don’t want to admit that they were the one who let it slip. Of course you do have the people that are rather proud of their gas, and will readily claim it. These people are more concerned about who is able to create the loudest and nastiest fart possible. A pair of computer engineering students at Cornell have crafted a device that can essentially measure a fart.

The two students used a sensitive hydrogen sulfide monitor, thermometer and a microphone to rate the quality of one’s flatulence. The results from these tools is combined, and the device beeps and announces the fart rating, from 1 to 9. If it’s a nine, a small fan kicks in to get the air flowing.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a frat guy crap themselves, stick one of these in their frat house. Over the course of a couple of days, they’ll all be competing to see who can rip the nastiest one. Being the competitive guys they are, they’ll look for ways to one-up each other. Someone’s going to eat one too many bean burritos, try to squeeze out a juicy fart only to end up dropping a deuce in their boxers.

VIA [ PopularScience ]