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Logitech Announces Harmony 700 Remote

Logitech Announces Harmony 700 Remote


By Chris Scott Barr

It seems like not all that long ago, universal remotes were very plain gadgets that you’d pick up at you local store when you lost your TV remote. Then you’d get it home only to find that your specific model wasn’t listed in the back, so you had to manually program the stupid thing. Yes, I’ve bought several of them over the years, and hated each and every one. Thankfully these days companies like Logitech are making remotes that not only have a lot of extra features, but also are easy to setup.

This morning Logitech announced their latest universal remote, the Harmony 700. This remote can control up to 6 different living room devices, which should clear up some room on your coffee table. They have attempted to simplify the way you use the remote, with buttons like “Watch TV” and “Listen to Music.” The color LCD screen also makes many actions a lot easier. Your favorite TV channels will be stored on the screen, letting you simply press a button to be taken there.

In order to program the remote, you’ll only need to download the software on your computer, and enter the model numbers of the devices you want to control. No codes to enter on the remote. As for power, the Harmony 700 comes with a pair of rechargeable AA batteries. When they start to get low (or die) you can simply plug in the remote with the included power adapter. I have to say that this is the first remote I’ve seen that comes with a power cord, which is an interesting idea. If you have a lot of devices in your living room, and don’t mind dropping $150 on a remote, then this would very likely serve you well when it hits stores later this month.

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