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Touchscreen Camden Watch From Storm London

Touchscreen Camden Watch From Storm London

Camden Watch (Image courtesy Storm London)By Andrew Liszewski

I wish I could say this touchscreen watch from Storm London was chock full of amazing features that put even LG’s new watchphone to shame, but I’m afraid it’s just a case of style over substance.

It does indeed have a touchscreen, but tapping on the screen is only used for switching the monochrome dot-matrix display between the current time, date, alarm settings or a custom message up to 10 letters or characters in length. It does have a world-time function though, so if you’re a jet-setter you’ll be able to easily switch the watch to one of the 27 pre-programmed cities around the globe.

It’s currently available on the Storm London website in a silver finish for ~$227, a gold finish for ~$276 or a slate (black) finish for ~$292.

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