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Review – Logitech Performance MX Mouse

Review – Logitech Performance MX Mouse

Performance MX3

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In my free time when I’m not gaming I’m generally programming, working on my own hit game. This involves a lot of traversing through source code, generally many lines of it. In the past this act would get very cumbersome, that all changed the day the Logitech Performance MX landed on my desk. The Hyper-fast scrolling feature allows me to reach from one end of my code to the other with a single flick of the wheel.

The Logitech Performance MX mouse also comes equipped with Darkfield Laser Tracking technology that allows it to work on just about any surface. Having a glass desk I found this most intriguing and was surprised at just how well Logitech delivers on this feature. Having spent time using it in both a work environment and gaming sessions I can’t tell a difference when using it on a mouse pad or the glass surface directly.

Performance MX

This mouse also ships with Logitech’s Unifying receiver, a USB receiver that allows multiple Logitech devices to be connected. This receiver is meant to be added and forgotten, which is not too hard given the small size and profile of the device.

In case all the above wasn’t enough the mouse features a rechargeable power system that is managed via a micro-USB cable to either your computer or a wall outlet. Unlike most rechargeable usb mice the Logitech Performance MX can be used even while charging. Having the option to charge it via a wall outlet while still being able to it makes the Performance MX an ideal companion for use with a laptop on the go.

Performance MX2

After over a week of extensive use I believe I’ve found a new favorite mouse in the Logitech Performance MX. It packs a lot of functionality and innovation into contoured design and while the $99.99 MSRP price tag may seem steep at first a quick look back over the features, in addition to the cost of batteries saved, makes for a mouse that’s worth every cent.

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