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8 Lines Of Code + 1 CD-ROM = Auto Baby Rocker

By Chris Scott Barr

I can do some pretty awesome stuff with my computer, however, I rarely use it to interact with other physical objects in my office. Generally, if you want to use your PC to move other physical objects, you need some fancy hardware and/or a good bit of programming knowledge. Of course, if you’ve got mad MacGuyver skills, you can use nothing more than an optical drive and 8 lines of code to rock your baby to sleep.

Alright, so it doesn’t provide the most smooth rocking experience, but it’s good enough to put the baby in the video to sleep. I’m not necessarily going to recommend this hardware hack for two reasons. First, if anyone else sees this, you probably won’t live it down. Second, you might damage your cup holder.

[ YouTube ] VIA [ Technabob ]