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It’s Not Like Your Dog Needs Dignity, Get Him The PooTrap And Never Touch Poopy Again

It’s Not Like Your Dog Needs Dignity, Get Him The PooTrap And Never Touch Poopy Again


By David Ponce

It’s a little plastic bag attached to a harness that you tie to your dog’s behind and that catches its excrement. It’s great! We can see all sorts of enjoyment in this product. For one, you’ll be the center of attraction anywhere you go; nothing quite like a dog with a plastic bag stuck to its ass to get people talking. Secondly, it’ll help you bond with your dog as he’ll be eternally grateful that you’ve thought of such a dignified way of dealing with his natural excretions.

Don’t believe us? Hit the jump for a convincing FAQ, as well as a fascinating video and links. Out here, you get to find out it’s between $30 and $40 depending on your dog’s size.

This is straight from the website.

My dog will not like it for sure?

Actually, dogs don’t like many things such as “they don’t like shower”, “they don’t like to stay home alone”, “they don’t like to eat dog cookies”, however, when they are used to all these things, they will be excited about it.

Why my dog seem not able to get used to “PooTrap”?

In many ways dog is like human being! It’s like when first time people use camera to take photos, for sure it seems weird but nowadays many people around the world are using cameras for taking photos.

Dog feel not respected when wearing “PooTrap”?

Babies wear diapers and they are truly loved by their parents, hence same applied to the dogs owners who use our “PooTrap” actually truly love their dogs.

I would rather like to pick up poop by myself?

People invented many useful technologies to make people’s life easier. All these inventions (car is among one of them) are to make people’s life more convenient. With our “PooTrap”, no need to worry that dogs will cause environment pollution, and as dogs owners may know, actually it’s difficult to pick up poop.

We can sense some hesitation, folks. So below is a handy video.

[ Product Page (Unfortunate auto-audio) ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]