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Artists Rejoice! The Eraser Brush Is Here

Artists Rejoice! The Eraser Brush Is Here


By Chris Scott Barr

Usually here at OhGizmo we try to cover the latest in cool gadgets. However, once in a while I’ll run across something extremely low-tech that seems brilliant. You’ll have to bear with me, as today is one of those days. It seems that someone came up with the idea to make an eraser, which has an attached brush on one end. What for? For brushing away all of those little eraser crumbs, that’s what!

Most of you will scoff at this, which is understandable. After all, you’ve got a pinkie that’s perfectly capable of performing the exact same task. However, the artists out there will ooh and aah as I have. You see, when you slide your pinkie across a paper you’ve drawn on, you smear the graphite just a little. After just a few times, your illustration starts to develop some unintended shading. This brush looks like it wouldn’t yield the same smudgy results. If you’re an artist, or just fascinated by things with brushes attached to them, you can pick one of these up for around $10.

[ Eraser Brush ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]