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Tascam CD-200i Rack Mountable CD Player With Retractable iPod Dock

Tascam CD-200i (Images courtesy Tascam)
By Andrew Liszewski

While Tascam might not be a household name, they’re well respected in the professional audio industry. And when a company like them decides to start supporting the iPod, well then there’s a good chance that Apple’s little MP3 player might just catch on.

The CD-200i is a rackmountable CD player that includes a pop-out dock which supports “any Apple iPod” according to their site. In addition to playing music from it, the iPod can also be controlled from the CD-200i’s front panel or wireless remote, be recharged while docked, and even play videos through an S-video connection on the back of the deck. Oh yeah! It also plays CDs too (MP3 or WAV files) with an improved internal clock for smoother sound and support for CD TEXT and ID3 tag info.

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