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Gorillatorch Shines Light Exactly Where You Need It


By Chris Scott Barr

Flashlights are handy things to have, but they never seem to sit exactly how you need them to. There have been different solutions to this problem over the years, the latest being the Gorrilatorch. Looking at it, you’ll easily recognize it as the brother of the Gorillapod.

The Gorillatorch is exactly what you would expect from Joby. You’ve got a flashlight attached to one of their famous Gorillapods, which makes it easy to point the light exactly where you need it. The light uses LEDs to achieve a maximum brightness of 65 lumens, though it can be lowered if you don’t need anything quite that bright. Two AA batteries are all that’s needed to light up any workspace. For $30, this would be useful in any house, garage or workshop.

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