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K-9 Calming Vest Doesn’t Sound Very Calming

K-9 Calming Vest Doesn’t Sound Very Calming


By Chris Scott Barr

I haven’t owned a dog in some time, but my childhood dog hated storms. She was a big German Shepard, but would cower in a corner at the first clap of thunder. We usually did our best to calm her down, but she never did get used to it. One company believes that they have the solution for dogs that get upset over storms and other loud noises.

The K-9 Calming Vest is supposed to reduce your dog’s anxiety by hugging them tightly. Apparently the tight nature of the vest calms your pet, and distracts them enough that they don’t notice the loud noises. So basically, this thing will be so tight and annoying that your dog won’t care about anything other than removing it. Oh, and good luck getting them to hold still long enough to strap them in, after a couple of times they’re going to learn to hate it.

[ Phantom ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]