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Recession? What Recession? Let’s Drop A Large On Some iPhone Cases, Shall We?


By David Ponce

Well, you know, it’s not like everyone is running out of cash. Right? So there very may well be some of you out there interested in these handmade iPhone cases from a company called Sofbank.

The lacquer cases feature five different designs that pay aesthetic homage to the days of samurais and shoguns and come with elegant presentation cases with details regarding the crafting of the cases.

Yeah, and they also cost 99,800 yen or about $1,057. Pretty much everything from the links below is in Japanese, the kind that Google can’t handle since it’s an image, so maybe you can help out with details. Like, whether they’re available now, or whether they’ll even ship outside Japan.

In any case, hit the jump for another picture and links.


[ Purchase Page ] AND [ Product Page ] VIA [ Dvice ]