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Ratata Wooden Blocks Aren’t For Building Castles

Ratata Building Blocks (Images courtesy Tomm Velthuis)
By Andrew Liszewski

Building blocks are the perfect toy for stimulating a child’s imagination, but I’m not sure what aspirations you have for your kid if you were to get them this particular set of blocks. Ratata, designed by Tomm Velthuis, looks like a rather innocent box of handcrafted wooden shapes, but when properly assembled they actually create a full size machine gun. So while your kid won’t be building castles with them, they will be developing important skills for infiltrating them. Available soon from Tomm’s website.

[ Ratata ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]


    Heyyy, look at that. That sure looks neat.

  • daveymueller

    Actually, that's a rifle, not a “machine gun.”

  • Casey Selley

    And it's kind of awesome. I'd buy it for my niece.

  • megapenguinx

    Now if only I had these growing up

  • megapenguinx

    Now if only I had these growing up