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iPod Mini Boombox Speaker

iPod Mini Boombox Speaker

Retro Cassette Stereo Mini Speaker for iPod / iPhone (Image courtesy USBFever)By Andrew Liszewski

Hot on the heels of the retro-themed Mighty Mini Speakers we brought you on Monday comes this slightly larger, though still miniature, boombox speaker dock for your iPods. And let me emphasize the ‘s’ on iPods since this thing supports almost every iPod released in the past 5 years like the Mini, all iterations of the Nano and every version of the Touch and iPhone including the 3GS.

The speaker doesn’t require any batteries, which is nice, though that also means it will be draining power from your player, reducing your playtime. And since it also uses the iPod’s dock connector, you won’t be plugging in and recharging while it’s playing either.

$31.99 from (in your color choice of black, black or black) which doesn’t include a miniature square of cardboard so you can rekindle your fresh breakdancing moves.

[ Retro Cassette Stereo Mini Speaker for iPod / iPhone ] VIA [ Fosfor Gadgets ]