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iLuv Announces Three-Port USB Wall Charger

iLuv Announces Three-Port USB Wall Charger


By Chris Scott Barr

Off the top of my head, I can think of at least a half-dozen gadgets of mine that can be recharged via a USB port. This is rather handy, as it means I can charge them at my desk without the need to crawl under my desk to search for an open outlet. Unfortunately if I want to charge more than one of these devices when I’m in say, a hotel room, I have to carry around a clunky charger of some sort. Sure, my iPhone came with a spiffy USB port charger, but it only accommodates a single device. Thankfully iLuv has me covered.

The iPhone accessory maker has announced a three port iAD117 USB wall charger that will be useful to almost any gadget lover. There isn’t much to say about the device, other than noting the three USB ports good for charging many different gadgets. The two prongs that go into your wall outlet fold down to give it a sleek and slim look when not in use.  At $20, I know this would be a perfect addition to my laptop bag when it hits stores next month.

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