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Apple Hatin’: Man Shoots iPhone With 9mm Handgun, Then Torches It

By David Ponce

A lot of people are pissed at Apple right now. This guy is shoot-it-with-a-gun-and-burn-it mad. Don’t watch the video if you loves them Apple. Oh, who am I kidding, this stuff is fun to watch!

If you’re unaware of this by now, there’s a growing anti-Apple sentiment going around the interwebs. It has a lot to do with their dictatorial and somewhat monopolistic practices in their running of the App Store. Apple decides which apps get in by a process that is not transparent, not consistent, not logical and often anti-competitive. The latest uproar is over their refusal of Google Voice, an app that could have fundamentally changed the way you use your multiple phone lines. The FCC is looking into it and if there’s any good in this world, things may get straightened out without the need for more iPhone-busting bullets.

[ YouTube Video ] VIA [ Gizmologia ]