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Musical Kettle Whistles A Tune Instead Of Just One Annoying Note


By Chris Scott Barr

How many of you still use a kettle for heating up water? I’m not big on doing it myself, since the microwave does things plenty fast enough. However, I know a few people who are big tea drinkers, and use a kettle most of the time. Of course, this means they have to deal with that annoying whistle every time they want some tea. Well since you’ve got all of that air moving, why not have your kettle make some music?

Apparently one designer has given a lot of thought into that very matter. It looks like hey has inserted a tube, likely with several holes strategically placed, into the spout. Small pistons (which seem to be controlled by a small circuit board, though not much info is given) move up and down to cover the holes in accordance with the music. It’s a bit over-the-top for a cup of tea, but that’s the life of a designer for you.

[ Yurisuzuki ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]